Trendy Dress Fashion With Hijab For 2016

Hey girls! Today we will look at some of the most trendy dress fashion with hijab for 2016. Here at hijabiworld, we provide you with ample ideas on dress styles for every occasion, whether it’s Eid, weddings, parties, formal or casual everyday wear. For more dress ideas, click here.

Stunning Hijab Fashion Dress 2016

Okay, so quite recently you were probably looking for dresses for Eid and finding the perfect hijab to match with it can be a problem. Sometimes, having a dress made is the safest, as you can  find the style you want and recreate it quite easily, assuming you have a reliable and fantastic dressmaker. These days retail stores have stunning dresses for sale but sometimes you struggle to think of ideas on making it “halaal fashion”. For girls living in the east, that might sound a bit weird, but trust me, the struggle is real for girls living in the west. I speak from experience. You will see the most amazing dress in the perfect colour to suit your skin tone and the prefect style for your body-shape, but it will have at least one, if not all of the following: no sleeves, low neck, low back (yes! those cut-out dresses where the back has a HUGE piece of fabric missing, or it’ll be on either side of your ribs or at the stomach 🙁 ). You’ll also find a beautiful dress with exquisite embellishments on it and when you want to try it on, you see a humungous slit on the side or it will be a mini-dress 🙁

Well, thankfully we have a solution to all these problems here at hijabiworld. I have cherry-picked some of the most beautiful dresses for you to wear which is Islamically correct and modest as well as hijab ideas. Look no further, because we’ve got you sorted for your next special occasion.

Fashion Dress With Hijab For Special Occasions

hijab fashion dress 2016

I have an absolute craze for navy blue, I have no idea why. I think it’s a stunning colour and can be worn with any colour. Look how radiant she looks in this dress. I noticed this new dress style which has become very popular. It’s a full length dress with another tulle layer over it. It can very easily look bridal but this is a great dress for Eid or for a wedding.

hijab fashion dress 2016

A simple style for those who aren’t that bold with their fashion sense. I know not everyone likes to sparkle all the time, even though I do, bad habit! I therefore chose dress styles to suit everyone’s taste.

hijab fashion dress 2016

I know many girls love wearing black, don’t ask me why, as I am not one of them. But here’s a great style to break up the “all black” look. Many love to wear lace too. I would advise not to wear a fully laced dress, as it can look a bit too much and make you look older. But this is a good balance.

Casual Dress Fashion With Hijab 2016

hijab fashion dress 2016

I don’t think I’ll EVER get tired of pastels!

hijab fashion dress 2016

The flowy dress style is very popular with young girls.

Okay ladies, that’s it from me for today. Hope you found your perfect fashion dress with hijab for 2016.



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