Hijab Fashion Casual -The New Trend for 2016

Hijab fashion casual - the new trend for 2015

Who said casual can’t be fashionable? With the overflow of hijab fashion casual styles, there area lot of styles or outfits to choose from. The casual hijab fashion is perfect for our busy lifestyles, but no one said casual can’t look classy and modern.

Quick and Easy Casual hijab Fashion

We all have those days where we’re all relaxed, when suddenly; we need to go to the store. We quickly get changed and often fixing our hijab in some complicated style is difficult when we don’t have the time.

Well, fear not. Hijab fashion has changed at a fast pace over the past few years. So, when you need to be out in a rush, the casual hijab style is your best bet.

What are my options?

The Maxi

Hijab fashion casual

The maxi hijab offers loads of coverage and you can create many layers and still have a casual look.

The Jersey

Hijab fashion casual

The Jersey hijab brings out the fashion in the casual. It is a new scarf craze that’s definitely worth taking note of. It provides the casual comfort you’d look for in a hijab. Check Hijab with jersey dress.


The Snood/Loop/Infinity Scarf

Hijab fashion casual

The snood is my favorite for a casual style. Snoods are fashion statements on their own. They are available in bold prints, pastel colors and bright satins. You can wear them with earrings or even a necklace, just to add a little sparkle to any outfit.

The Turban

Hijab fashion casual

The turban comes in handy when I’m caught up in the mid-day rush. It’s elegant, yet comfortable and casual enough to team up with a jeans and sweat shirt. Even a plain pashmina can be enough to pull off the casual look and keeping it on trend.


Complete your Casual look with the Casual Hijab while keeping up with Fashion

The mall look

Hijab fashion casual

Got a movie night with your best friends? Keep it casual and simple. Try out an easy hijab style to complete the look. Remember, sometimes it’s good if the hijab looks messy. It brings some character to your casual look.


Fashion busana hijab casual

Hijab fashion casual

Wear abstract patterns. They are key trends for 2016 and creates the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.


Gambar fashion hijab casual

Hijab fashion casual

If you’re someone who prefers wearing lots of layers, then this look is for you. It’s casual yet comfortable and warm for the chilly winter days. check hijab the layered style.


Keeping it casual at the gym

Hijab fashion casual

Another great example where the casual hijab could be very useful would be for gyming. Style your hijab in a simple wrap and knot at the side, so that it stay sin place while you exercise.


No time for contact lenses

Hijab fashion casual - the new trend for 2015

If you wear glasses then you’ll appreciate this style. Sometimes, all you need is a simple wrap and let the glasses do all the work. Check hijab styles with glasses.

So, ladies, don’t under-estimate the many uses of the casual hijab style. It can truly change your outfit in just a few moments.Try it out and share your inspirational pics. Until next time, happy styling!