Hijab fabric of various types to suit your need

Hijab Fabric

Despite the conspiracies against Hijab in the Western world, it is worn by hundreds of millions of Muslim women around the world. These population of hijab wearers spread across the Middle East, South Asia, North and West Africa. Hence, over the years, the number of women seeking for knowledge about the various types of hijab materials that are suitable for them has risen rapidly. In this article, I will be discussing the Hijab fabric of various types to suit your need, whether for the summer or winter season.

We will be discussing just a few of the most used hijab materials, from the cotton, silk and the synthetic fiber-made fabrics, to the jersey-made types which are suitable for winter. I will also reveal some of the major stores where you can get these range of hijab fabrics.

Hijab Fabric made of Chiffon

Hijab Fabric Chiffon

Very lightweight, stretchy, slippery, made of silk and some synthetic fibers, the chiffon fabric is the best and most used material for hijabs among women who seek to adjust to the constantly warming planet. Though, more expensive than the types made of polyester fibers, the chiffon hijabs are the best hijab material for summer due to their soft texture. Chiffon hijabs are great for work outfits and can be donned to any occasion you see fit. Due to their softness, chiffon fabrics are easily carried around by air, it is recommended that you use ball pins on them especially during a windy afternoon.

In order to come up with cheap chiffon hijabs, some cloth designers are coming up with the types made of soft cotton and some synthetic polymers. So, if the luxurious silk-made hijabs are too expensive for your budget, you may opt for these types.

Chiffon Hijabs Styles

Learn how to style your chiffon fabric with the video tutorial below:


Hijab Fabric made of Viscose Rayon

Hijab Fabric Viscose Rayon


The viscose fabrics are lightweight but less expensive than the chiffon materials. Viscose fabrics are made from a form of regenerated cellulose materials from trees. The fabric usually consists of silk, cotton, and spandex/synthetic materials which give it a great elasticity and softness suitable for hot summers. The thinness of the viscose fabrics makes them easy to wrap around the head. They are also great when you need to drape a voluminous style. However, most viscose materials are easily damaged by too much twisting, squeezing and wringing while hand-washing. Hence, I recommend that you only dry-clean your viscose-made hijabs.

Hijab Fabric made of Jersey

Hijab Fabric Jersey

The Jersey fabrics are heavy but soft durable clothing materials knitted from wool. The jersey fabrics are great for hijabs and other upper body clothes. They are the best hijab material for cold winters. They are great materials during summers too. The jersey fabrics are suitable for all-day wear, morning runs, and all formal outings. If you need the hijab you can wear all year round irrespective of the weather, jersey-made hijabs will be a great addition to your wardrobe. Also check Hijab Fashion Ideas with Jackets.

Other hijab fabric options

So, friends all discussed above is an exhaustive list of the fiber materials used for hijabs and these materials are some of the best materials weather-wise. However, if you need to go outside the above listed, some of the great hijab fabrics you should consider are the polyester hijabs, hycon hijabs, voile materials and lycra spandex fabrics. Also check Best Beautiful trends for Hijab.

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