Hijab Dresses: A Lebanon Wedding

Lebanese weddings are almost the same as Saudi and UAE weddings, which means the brides wear white Hijab wedding dresses! And they look absolutely gorgeous of course. They are big on lace work, sequence work, cut work and stone work. The color white is a tricky shade to play with, however with the perfect flowers, accessories and makeup you can do a lot with it. Another element of the Lebanese dresses is the high necks that help make the bride look elegant and their necks look long and beautiful. The long sleeves on these dresses are also very inn, and just beautiful. Nowadays, there are special deals you can find online, and buy latest dresses at a cheap price! So if you were looking for popular bridal dresses, here is your chance. You can also find tutorials online and watch them to get better tips fit for the modern bride.

Pictures for Lebanon Hijab Wedding Dresses

hijab wedding dresses lebanon

This is an example of a Lebanese wedding dress that is absolutely beautiful and simple! We love the hints of stones on the dress and the veils.

hijab wedding dresses lebanon

This is a beautiful cream colored wedding dress! The idea of minimal embroidery and stone work is wonderful. Imagine it with emerald or ruby stones on it! See! Imagining things already!

hijab wedding dresses lebanon

This is what we meant by the importance of makeup! This whole look owes it to the wonderful eye makeup.

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