Hijab as Fashion Icon 2016-17

Hijab has religious significance  for all the Muslim women, yet it is also considered as a fashion icon. A few years ago, women only wore plain black hijabs with Abaya. However with each passing day, new designs are coming into the market. Every women wants to be the centre of attention at each party or event. Thus, they use their own creative mind to come up with new ideas to make their look stylish. Different materials and patterns are used for a trendy look. Fashion is a mix of the latest trends and the styles that suit your personality the most. Whatever you feel comfortable in, is what fashion is. Nowadays, it is all about being bold. Colors like yellow, purple and maroon are in fashion. Young girls usually opt for such vibrant colors, with accessories that are in contrast with their dress. Fashion is like an art, it is all about playing with colors. Hijab is an essential part of clothing for women, it is considered to be much more than just a scarf; hijab can now be seen as fashion icon.

Hijab as Fashion Icon

According to Islam, the basic purpose of such clothing is to cover every body part from any unknown male outside of the family. In the image below, the body is covered, yet the playful colors are giving the girl such a trendy look. The printed scarf balances with the plain off white shirt. The bold color of the bag also gets great attention as soon as you look at the picture.

hijab fashion icon hijab fashion icon hijab fashion icon

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