Hijab as a Dress Code

hijab dress code

Hijab is a dress code followed by many Muslim women around the globe. The min purpose of Hijab is to cover the head and chest of women, especially in front of men not belonging to their immediate family. It symbolizes the concept that the women who take Hijab are off limits to any other men except her husband. People living in West generally refer to Hijab as a headscarf, however; there is much to it than simply labeling it as a scarf or headscarf.  It is a part of Islamic clothing for women and young girls. The main idea is to represent women as a symbol of modesty and decency. Generally women who cover their head with Hijab prefer wearing long sleeves, as the entire concept behind Hijab is that no part of female body should be exposed to men. . Abaya’s fashion collection is also progressing along with the normal fashion industry especially in the year 2016-2017. Many evening gowns are available online, which Muslim women can buy and pair it up with different kinds and style of Hijab. Online tutorial also guide women regarding the ways they can experiment with existing cloth and create a trendy Hijab out of it. They can also learn ways through which they can attach beaded bands or large diamantes on their hijabs to make it look formal. Women who wear Hijab do not only consider it as part of their dress code but as a way of practicing their religion. It represents their faith in God.

Hijab: Dress Code

hijab dress code hijab dress code hijab dress code