Learn Hijab Tutorial For 2 Square Scarfs

In order to learn 2 square hijab and scarf, women can access various online tutorials, which are very simple, easy and quick to follow. The most difficult ones are explained in a very explicit manner and the easy ones are explained in maximum 3-4 steps. Many new modern designers have launched their fashion collection keeping in the mind the fact that many women use scarf to fulfill the purpose of hijab or vice versa, therefore; both things needs to be taken into consideration. Scarf however cannot be worn with long evening dress like maxi or on weddings. Brides often wear hijab keeping in mind the Islamic connotation attached with it. Brides avoid wearing black color on their wedding day; however they do wear shinny dresses on their big day. Hijab is mostly worn on dresses like Abaya or Jilbab whereas women mostly wear scarf for casual purposes. The latest collection of hijab and scarf of 2016-2017 is inspired by various paintings and architecture. Digital printing is done on hijab and scarfs to make it look trendy and funky. Moreover, especially cute young girls who go to school often pair up casual clothing with scarf. Hijab and scarf just like other parts of clothing now have winter and summer collection, which provides wide range of variety for women to select their hijab style or design from. Hijab and 2 square scarf tutorial can be accessed online, it is available in both forms i.e. images and videos.

Hijab Tutorial For 2 Square Scarfs

Hijab and 2 Square scarf

This image shows a doctor wearing black hijab, which sort of compliments her professions that how doctors have to go through patient’s life and death. White represents life and black represents death. Hijab and 2 Square scarf Hijab and 2 Square scarf


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