Here is the Latest Abaya Fashion of 2016

latest abaya fashion 2016

The fashion industry holds beautiful and trendy latest designs for the Abaya dress code as the year 2016 begins. Nowadays girls who wear Abayas have vowed to look just as stylish and trendy as everybody else, for that they are wearing chic Abaya designs that were never seen before. For this improvement we have Dubai to thank to! All the new designs are trending from there, as Dubai hosts the most Abaya clientele. They have a unique sense of fashion for the Abaya dress code; they contrast colorful Abayas with different Hijab styles. They also have introduced the Burqa in new ways, such as in a dress form. They give girls around the world an opportunity to look fashionable and more confident. The modern girl walks step by step with other women. Designers are now coming up with exclusive Abaya collections to cater to the modern Abaya girl. Look for pictures on the internet for these designs and add them to your collection!

The Latest 2016 Abaya Collection is here, what does the 2017 Fashion hold for us?

Here is a unique way of adding colors to your traditional Abaya dress code. The red color makes the dress look elegant and chic

This is an example of a Burqa dresses. It’s trendy, new and exclusive! Not only does it help the modern girl look stunning but also helps her remain in the realms of her religion

Here is an example of how you can experiment with the Abaya dress code. With a bat wing sleeve on one side and a simple bell sleeve on the other, makes you stand out in your community and will help show off your fashionable dive side.

latest abaya fashion 2016 latest abaya fashion 2016 latest abaya fashion 2016 latest abaya fashion 2016