New Head scarf styles for Muslims

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Muslims are always looking for new head scarf styles to wear for various occasions. Styles will differ from person to person and it will also depend on your personal style and personality. We will look at styles for Muslims of all ages. Have a look at our previous article on how to wear a head scarf .

Head scarf styles for Muslim children

Many children these days wear hijab. I’m speaking about children from 4 years and older. This might come to some people as a shock but it is becoming more common these days to wear headscarves. Even though it is not needed, they still wear it. You’ll mostly see children wearing headscarves to the masjid. I agree with this, as you want to be neat and respectably dressed in the house of Allah. You’ll also see children in hijab and abaya’s at a janaza house. This is out of respect for the family of the deceased.

With the increase in new designs for abaya’s and new hijab fashion, children’s abaya’s and Islamic wear has established its own niche market. We will look at children head scarf styles below:

head scarf styles for muslims

Okay, I have to admit, I have an obsession with cheeks and I had to share this picture. This baby is absolutely cute. This style of head scarf should only be worn by babies, because it does make your cheeks appear to be twice its size, haha!

head scarf styles for muslims

A pretty head scarf style for babies. This style can be worn for special occasions.

head scarf styles for muslims

Toddlers tend to style their head scarf in a front wrap and they look too adorable.

Stunning Head Scarf Styles For Teenagers

Teenagers are the biggest followers of hijab fashion and they can surely teach you a thing or two about fashion. They love experimenting with different fabrics and textures and even a head scarf of unusual prints and fabrics.

head scarf styles for muslims

Teenagers like to wear simple head scarf styles with a twist here and there.

head scarf styles for muslims

Teenagers come up with the funkiest looks and most modern styles.

head scarf styles for muslims

This is the most common teenage outfit. They love being comfortable and fashionable.

Elegant head scarf styles for Muslim women

Muslim women also follow scarf trends. They love looking smart and sophisticated. The more mature women like to wear simpler styles but the young newly weds and mom-to-be’s  like to were the latest trends and like to add detail to their outfit and interest by adding a fresh new head scarf style. You will also find Muslim women wearing the dressed up hijab styles, especially for special occasions. They would wear headpieces with an elaborate outfit and youngers won’t necessarily wear this style.

Here are some lovely pictures of head scarf styles for Muslim women.

head scarf styles for muslims

At children parties, the moms are always running around keeping everyone happy. A simple headscarf style always does the trick and the Turkish hijab style is very stylish.

head scarf styles for muslims

Keeping it casual and trendy.

head scarf styles for muslims

Married Muslims love wearing extravagant head scarf styles to compliment their outfit.

I hope this gave you some ideas on the head scarf style for Muslims.

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