Guide to Wearing a Hijab in the Summer

Wearing a Hijab in the summers can become a little tricky! But women nowadays experimenting with folds, colors and materials, it has become easier! It has also become easier to give and receive nice gifts in the summers since the designer Abaya collections have improved so much! With so much awareness, we are sure you know how to tie your Hijabs in different ways and styles! Well if you don’t, then what are you waiting for? Watch numerous tutorials that are available all for you! They have the casual style, or the formal Khaleeji styles all uploaded just for you! You can also get ideas and follow their tips in putting together the perfect outfit, the perfect edition for the perfect Muslim girl that you are! So whether you want to wear jeans, skirts or a maxi dress, you are allowed to! Learn this and so much more by following simple and easy steps! Good luck! Oh and don’t forget to scroll down for some ideas from us!

Pictures: Wearing Hijabs in the Summer!

wearing hijab in summer

This is a two way street! We love the over coat! Either you can war it casually with jeans, or make it formal by wearing all black underneath!

wearing hijab in summer

It goes without saying that the color makes this outfit fit for the summer!

wearing hijab in summer

What do you think about this simple yet chic look? Because we love it!

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