Tips for Girls in Saree, Saree Fashion and How to drape a Saree

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Saree is a part of India’s traditional outfit that every girl and woman likes most. It is a garment best donned to special occasions including place of worship and marriage. Girls in Saree look more beautiful than any other traditional dress. Saree Fashion is meant for young girls and women. Many people believe that sarees do not look good on women of small stature but this is not true. Keeping in mind some factors, girls in saree of short stature can also look long.

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If your stature is too short, by draping these sari styles, you can look tall with the 7 tips I have provided on How to drape a saree. I am offering the impression of some of the few Bollywood and model girls in saree who have presented themselves flawlessly by choosing the right sarees. Thanks to the advice of their fashion designers, they impress in the chosen apparels for their heights.

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How to drape a Saree to look tall

  1. Do not wear large print and heavy border sarees

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If your stature is small and you like to wear saree, then do not wear large print and heavy border saree. Small or medium printed saree will look good on you and you can look tall in a small printed saree. Plain saree, which has a dark border, will wear it and you will look tall and beautiful.

2. Choose light clothes

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Both of these Bollywood actresses – Shraddha Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee – are not much tall. Both are trend setters in Saree Fashion, these chiffon sarees gives their outfits more impression and more highlights.
Choose a saree which you can easily tie instead of hard fabric like cotton. You will look more beautiful and long by wearing a saree of Georgette, crêpe, satin or chiffon fabric.

3.Wear a strapless saree

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If your stature is small, then do not choose a semi-striped saree. A saree with vertical strips is readily available in the market, but keep in mind that the palettes are not too wide.

4.The choice of dark colors

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As per Saree Fashion designers, if your stature is small, then you can choose dark colors instead of light colors. The dark saree looks good on every weight and shape women and can be long and thin.

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5. Blouse sleeve

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If you want to look long, wear long sleeves blouse. The long side creates the illusion of being taller and looks good too.
6. Blouse selection

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If your stature is small then do not wear blouses with curly strips like sarees. Wear a heavy blouse with a light saree. And if your sarees are heavy, then you can also choose the plain blouse. Before wearing a banded saree, choose the saree right before wearing a blouse with a blouse and bandage.

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7. Saree’s pallu

girls in saree sexy

If your stature is small and you want to look tall, then you should tie your saree well. The pins mounted on the saree should be of small size, large pins will look laughable. If the pallu is tied well then your length will look more.

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