Formal: Plain Hijab With Plain Long Dresses

long dress and hijab

Just as all the young girls want to look modern and trendy, older women also want to look beautiful so they go for plain hijab with plain long dresses. Women from the age 35-50 prefer plain on plain, rather than colorful outfits. Beige, black, blues and browns are the most commonly used colors by women of this age group. As hijab is compulsory for all the Muslim women, they have to find ways to carry it to formal events like weddings, a business meeting, or any formal dinner with family. Long dresses are what is the closest to an Abaya thus most women like wearing them. A plain black maxi never goes out of fashion and is easy to carry. Fashion is an art, thus to wear plain on plain is also an art. Wearing the same color, yet playing with its hues and shades can give a very elegant look. Women simply need to find the styles that suit their body and skin tone with most, and modify it to their liking. It is important to follow the latest fashion trends, however it is more important to be comfortable with what you are wearing. Young girls might be able to carry just about anything, where as when you grow old, you start thinking about your comfort the most. Just as beautiful as a plain dress looks with a plain hijab on the outside, they are even more comfortable to wear to formal events.

Trendy Formal Plain Hijab With Plain Long Dresses

No print will be seen in the following images, proving how plain on plain can also look just as beautiful

long dress and hijab long dress and hijab long dress and hijab