Fencing Star and South by SouthWest Speaker Ibtihaj Muhammad Asked To Remove Her Hijab at Olympic Games SXSW

Ibtihaj Muhammad SXSW

Ibtihaj Muhammad is an American US olympic fencer and is a South by Southwest speaker and she is known for being the first woman who competed in an international tournament and represented United States of America. Ibtihaj Muhammad who is and olympian recently came into limelight not because of her talent but because of her hijab. Hijab is a part of women Islamic clothing, which represents decency and modesty moreover; it represents an individual’s faith in their religion and is worn for religious purposes. Ibtihaj Muhammad was recently asked to remove her hijab for identity purposes, regardless of the fact that she is a well-known player and does not require an identity check. She was asked by one of the volunteer at the event to remove her hijab in order to receive SXSW badge, even though she explained the religious reason associated with her look. She was a part of that event in which she was representing US and according to the policy of the film festival organizers they could not ask anyone to remove their hijab if they are wearing it for religious purposes. As per US passport policies, it also allows headscarf for identification purposes but they require a verification letter from the individual, which should state that they are wearing it for religious purposes.

However, SXSW apologized to Ibtihaj Muhammad by ordering to remove that volunteer. Ever since the commencement of attacks in which Muslims are involved, many women are facing difficulties in following their religion. Many women across the globe are asked to take off their hijab or veil, hence they cannot practice their religion freely and openly. Ibtihaj Muhammad sets an example for women that whoever wears hijab should not let their faith in Islam go down for any reasons or purposes. Women should stand up for what is right and should represent what they actually are.

Ibtihaj Muhammad US Olympic Games Fencing Star and South by SouthWest Speaker at SXSW

Ibtihaj Muhammad SXSW Ibtihaj Muhammad SXSW Ibtihaj Muhammad SXSW