The Indonesian Designer Fashion Hijab Dian Pelangi

hijab fashion dian pelangi

This Indonesian hijab fashion 2018 designer needs no introduction, it’s Dian Pelangi Born in South Sumatra and blogging at 19 years old as a muslim fashion designer. She is well-known for her fashion hijab dian pelangi and modern take on fashion. Her father is a garment owner and mother a boutique owner, so there’s a definite flow of fashion in their genes.

Dian Pelangi

A life in the day of the Indonesian Hijab Fashion designer Dian Pelangi

She travels around the world showcasing her unique take on fashion design. She has fashion shows in New York, photo shoots in the Maldives and even appeared on talk shows. She even has her own YouTube videos to help fellow Muslim girls travel in style. If you want to transform your wardrobe into a Dian Pelangi, you can. She has her own online butik so check it out as well.

What is Fashion Hijab Dian Pelangi Style?

Dian always puts a modern twist on her hijab style. Even her street style is something to keep your eye on. She has a simple look for everyday and a lovely modern take on fashion for the hot summer days when you want to go to the beach.

Travel in Style

hijab fashion dian pelangi travel style
Hijab fashion dian pelangi travel style

When we travel we always want to be as comfortable as possible. In this photo, Dian Pelangi combined casual with formal, she’s wearing sneakers with a formal pants and hoody.

Street Style

street style hijab fashion dian pelangi
Even when she’s walking the streets she does it in style. She’s wearing a pencil black and white striped skirt with a floral scarf. Looking fresh and breezy.

hijab fashion dian pelangi street style
Street Hijab Style by Dian Pelangi

This is an edgy look all in black. It’s a different style and very fashionable. The chunky heeled ankle boots are right on trend this winter. You can also add a hat on top of your hijab to give it a new look.

At The Beach

hijab fashion dian pelangi 6

Here is the look we’ve all been waiting for. Outfit ideas to wear to the beach. It’s colorful and bright and all covered up. Dian Pelangi also added a hat to keep her cool under the heat of the sun.

Wedding Hijab Style 


hijab fashion dian pelangi
Wedding Hijab Style by Dian Pelangi

This is one of her tutorials she designed for Muslim weddings. Here she’s wearing a beautiful headpiece and jeweled necklace with a simple style dress.

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