Fancy Indian Long Frocks Designs Collection 2017-2018

c6cd66d30755df238746f50a2dafc177 Fancy Indian Long Frocks Designs Collection 2017-2018

Stylish Indian Long Frocks Suit Designs

Indian long frocks designs 2017-2018 is our topic for discussion today. I found many new styles in modern cuts which will amaze you and you would love to purchase them too. Indian longs frocks have more modern designs these days and they use the western colours for the season. I know it’s so amazing when you can wear a modern Indian design in western colours which are current. Click on the link to view a previous article on gorgeous Indian long frock designs,

Long Frock Indian Dress Design

I will be talking through these designs as it makes it easier and we can discuss the style and decide what long frock looks best.

indian long frocks designs

To tell you the truth, I have never thought of wearing a green Indian outfit. I think it always looked too daring and too bright. The ones I saw were way too colourful and would grab too much attention. I spotted this design and quite liked it. When I opened it, I read it was a double frock design. I think the double layer makes it look ultra fancy and I would wear this style to a wedding of someone closely related to me. I found more green long frock designs. See below.

indian long frocks designs

These are more on the sea green side and I love how her sandal matches with the border of her anarkali.


Wow, this is a modern anarkali long frock design which is current for 2017. I just realised  that this outfit too has the exact same sandal design as the border. I would like to ask whether you maybe have your shoes covered with  the fabric as well? I know brides have this done for their weddings. It looks like the shoes were especially made for the outfit, but it was actually recovered by a shoemaker. The groom would then have a matching tie with the same fabric. I think it would look amazing if the groom had his shoes covered too, don’t you think?

Blue Long Frock Indian Designs

I decided to include colourful anarkali designs in this article and hopefully satisfy everyone’s taste. Let me know what colour you prefer? The traditional red or modern pastel colours. I like both but these days I am more attracted to the modern western colours.

indian long frock designs latest-anarkali-suits-dresses-designs-2017-2018-collection

These are two very different designs. The one above is another double layered Indian frock.

Bridal Indian Frock Design

indian long frock designs

Winter Long Frock Design

umbrella-frocks-dress-designs-and-styles-collection-2017-2018 indian long frock designs

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