Fabulous Hijab Dress Style 2016-17

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If you think you’ve seen all the hijab dress and style for 2016-17, think again! I have come across some weird and wonderful styles over the years. Some were major fashion misses and others were the greatest looks to hit the ramps. I normally don’t follow ramp looks, as they aren’t something we would wear. Click here for more hijab dress styles.

New Hijab Dress Style For Casual Wear

Finding dress styles to wear everyday can be a bit difficult. You want to wear a dress but don’t want to look dressed up, especially if you are going to work or university. For this situation, I would suggest tube dresses with horizontal stripes. These dresses can be found everywhere and they are the cheapest dress styles available.

hijab-dress-style-2016-17 hijab-dress-style-2016-17 hijab-dress-style-2016-17

Those dresses might not be for everyday wear but they can be worn to informal occasions or for a relaxing Sunday family lunch.

Abaya Dress Style and Hijab For 2016-17

Did you ever think you’d live till the day where abaya’s would have a style? I definitely didn’t. I was very satisfied with the fact that an abaya was black and worn for he sole purpose of performing salaah. These days, the abaya is a fashion statement and even worn to weddings. It has become the most stylish clothing item in Muslim women’s lives. Don’t believe me? Well, even Dolce and Gabanna have jumped on the band wagon and designed their own abaya collection. This just shows abaya styles are entering the big leagues and Muslims are truly placing a good foot forward in the western fashion world.


Abaya Dress and Hijab Style Through Pictures For 2016-17


This is one of Dolce and Gabanna’s many unique abaya designs from their newest collection. They made use of stunning lace material and layered them up with sheer fabrics and silks. They accessorized the abayas with bling jewellery and killer platform shoes. This is the perfect look for any occasion and you can see why I said many girls wear abayas to weddings. It’s simply gorgeous!


Here we see the western cape being incorporated in the abaya style.

Ramp Looks For Hijab Dress Style 2016-17

Dresses on the fashion ramps are seriously something to consider when looking for a dress with the wow factor. I often watch fashion shows but only the designer gowns. They are simply amazing. I love looking at the textures and cuts of the dresses. New designers also come up with new styles which have never been worn before, especially young designers which recently graduated. Here in South Africa, we have a retail store which features the newest dress styles designed by young designers. The store is called YDE (Young Designers Emporium). Let’s look at some ramp dress styles below.

Latest Abaya & Gown Designs with Hijab 2015-2016 (4) hijab-dress-style-2016-17

Bridal Hijab Dress Style For 2016-17

These days bridal dresses are no longer the traditional white fluffy dress. They are becoming more dramatic and unique and brides are more than willing to experiment. The veil has become optional and the hijab style replaces it. Some brides want to make a dramatic entrance with a huge dress and other prefer the simple elegant look.


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