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Exclusive Interview With Urooj Asif – Hijabeaze

hijab style by urooj asif

hijab style by urooj asif

Urooj Asif is a prominent personality in Pakistan, known for her fashionable sense in Islamic style and exclusive hijabs. She is a budding entrepreneur and role model for many Pakistani women, especially those wanting to follow the latest hijabi trends. She has over 90 000 Facebook likes and more than 5000 YouTube subscribers, she is surely going places! We bring you closer to this lovely personality by bringing this exclusive interview straight to you, here at Hijabiworld. We will even provide you with a hijab tutorial by Urooj herself! How awesome is that! For more on how to wear different hijab styles.

So, it has always been a dream of mine to interview influential women and I couldn’t believe my luck when Urooj agreed. I’m so excited, let’s get started.

1. Who is the master mind behind Hijabeaze and why is she so popular? Please explain, for
those who don’t know.


To tell you the truth the master mind behind Hijabeaze is Allah (swt) as I never thought of doing
something like this in  my life , I never knew the ABCD of designing clothes and wearing Hijabs but
When Allah (swt) decides something for us he makes us do things that are unbelievable . . So the fact
of the matter is, since I have left everything regarding my life to Allah with all the faith that whatever
comes to me from my Rubb is going to be it. Allah (swt) decided, designed HIJABEAZE and truly  He is the master mind behind everything related to HIJABEAZE ,  my life & everything that I do.

2. What is your everyday hijab style and which is your favourite style?

I like to wear pearl lace hijab or Lace hijab for everyday use.

hijab style by urooj asif

3. What is your favourite hijab accessory?


HIJABEAZE Signature Side parted Hijab cap along with HIJABEAZE Head bands to add a little bling to the hijab.

hijab style by urooj asif

4. New hijab wearers aren’t confident to try out new styles. What tips would you give them to
help them along?


Two tips. 1 is to be very confident about everything that they do, confidence is the biggest tip and love themselves for doing the hijab as this is for Allah (swt) and  even if the world is not happy , Allah (swt) is happy and even Allah (swt) is happy you should have constant smile for His happiness so the 2 nd tip is to keep smiling. So Wear Hijabeaze with Style & Smile on your FaceJ

hijab style by urooj asif5. Who or what inspires you in terms of hijab and fashion? Or are you your own inspiration?


In terms of Religious view point & the importance of Hijab there are two personalities, BIBI FATIMA TU ZAHRA (as) & BIBI ZAINAB E KUBRA (as).And when it comes to the style & the fashion sense its Amina Kin of pearl daisy Saman Munir of Makeupnhijabs.

hijab style by urooj asif hijab style by urooj asif

6. What made you share your passion for fashion and beauty online? Yes, we want the story
behind the success!

Initially when I started my business I never thought I will open up a shop. We began as an online store with the widely used social website Facebook. I only started with a few hijabs with no vision of what the days to come will bring for me. I didn’t appoint any tailor when I began so I used to stich and pack on my own. I didn’t even have a printer back then when I took online orders so I would go to the net café and take out print outs. I did everything on my own, and by everything I mean everything, starting from the scratch like packing, printing, sending.  I really didn’t know where I was going or rather where Allah was taking me but now when I look back, I genuinely feel blessed because I never even thought of doing a business at this level. This is how it all began and then step by step our business took pace and grew.

7. What advice would you give young hijabi’s who would like to start their own online store?


Work with all the passion, honesty, give the Huq of others and be honest , sincere in the work that you do.

8. Are you a guest blogger for any website?

9. What are your fashion must-have items at the moment? You may choose more than one.

Hand Chains, Glasses & Nice Watch.

Hijab tutorial by Urooj Asif, Hijabeaze

hijab style by urooj asif

It was a pleasure interviewing Urooj and we wish her everything of the best for the future and may she continue to spread her love for hijab fashion. Follow her on the links provided below:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/urooj.asif
Online store: http://www.hijabeaze.com/
Twitter: @uroojhijabeaze
That’s all we have for you today. Do be sure to subscribe to get the latest updates on exclusive interviews with influential hijabi’s. Until next time, happy styling.