Exclusive Interview With Hijabi Journalist in USA

Noor Tagouri

I have had the great privilege of interviewing Noor Tagouri, the first hijabi journalist on commercial television in United States. Let’s find out more about this young inspiration.

Who is Noor Tagouri and why is she so popular? Please explain, for those who don’t know.
I am a journalist and motivational speaker. I’m 22. And I talk about why it is important to pursue your true passion and how I found mine. My full bio is here:


How has your journey been as a hijabi journalist? Were there any obstacles along the way?
It’s definitely had its ups and downs. More ups than downs because it has forced me to become the best journalist I could possibly be. I am able to relate on a totally different level with people when it comes to covering sensitive stories because they know, that I know what it is like to be misrepesented in the media today. There were definitely obstacles, like not getting certain jobs, or stories taking forever to get because people won’t talk to you, and the harrassment that occurs sometimes, but at the end of the day the story is always bigger than you, you have to remember that and keep on keepin’ on.


You are a journalist by profession, but also have some fabulous hijab styles. Which one of the two do you enjoy most? A turban or front wrap? I must admit, I’ve never seen you in a turban style.
I’ve only worn turban to the beach because it is easier but I never felt like it looked good on me, I go for the classic look, wrap around the neck and tie 😉


What is your everyday hijab style?
Super simple/minimal, tie it  around my neck and keep it classy.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

What is your favourite hijab accessory?
Right now, it is definitely my cap from #TheNoorEffect line, I’m almost always wearing it over my hijab.

Noor Tagouri

New hijab wearers aren’t confident to try out new styles. What tips would you give them to help them along?
Find what looks right and comfortable on YOU. Check out tutorials online but don’t feel the need to go over the top. When I first started wearing it I thought I would try all these funky styles my friends were doing and found that keeping it classic is the best way to go for me.


Who or what inspires you in terms of hijab and fashion?
A couple of my friends really inspire me in terms of fashion, @velascarves and @mademoisellememe. My style is all over, from business casual to streetwear to like just edgy. Whatever my mood is, I go with it.


What advice would you give young hijabi’s who would like to go into journalism in a western country?
Make sure you can do everything. Write, edit, shoot, produce. Have all the skills and be the best so no one can turn you down because of your skill.


Noor Tagouri

Tell us more about The Noor Effect Pop-Up Shop.
AHH!!! #TheNoorEffect is a limited edition line I am working on with LSNP, a street wear brand who gives 50% of profits to charity. We created an entire line of women empowerment clothes, and I wrote a poem that defines the line…which basically talks about the objectification of women, and empowering them through education and enlightenment, and replacing barcodes from bodies to books. The profits are going to Project Futures, you can check out the lookbook and more about the line and the poem at lisnupclothing.com

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What are your fashion must-have items at the moment? You may choose more than one.
#TheNoorEffect cap and a bomber jacket.

Imagine there’s some kind of emergency. You just applied your foundation and could only grab one extra item of make-up, what would it be?
If I did apply foundation, then mascara, cause I always get foundation on my lashes. If I had nothing on, then lip balm and I’m solid!  
Wow, what an awesome young lady! We wish her all the success and she truly brings new meaning to living your dream. I hope you enjoyed getting to know this inspirational lady. Until next time, happy styling.