Exclusive Interview With Hijabi Blogger Afshan Khan – Be Hijabi

I recently chatted to Afshan Khan, as she posted on one of our Facebook groups, Hijab Style! I was so chaffed, I had a look at her blog page.  and was amazed at her fashion and style. She combines east with west and is on stylish women. I then approached her for an interview and I must say, I’m glad we have crossed paths. Let’s see what she had to say.

Exclusive interview with hijabi blogger Afshan Khan

Who is The Master Mind Behind Be Hijabi and Why is She So Popular? Please Explain, For Those Who Don’t Know.
First of all I want to say thank you to you for my interview. I just want to give a little introduction about myself. I am Afshan Khan from England. I am happily married and have 3 kids Alhumdulillah. I’m born in Islamabad, Pakistan and after marriage I came to UK and I have been living here since last 10 years.

Be Hijabi !!! Be Hijabi means Be A hijabi. I start wearing hijab after my marriage. Before I found it difficult to wear hijab and cover myself but with the passage of time I start loving it. Alhumdulillah I feel so comfortable in my Hijab specially living in un-Islamic country. I feel it’s a part of myself. I can’t describe it in words how much I am in comfort and how much I love it.
I always try to cover myself in a modest way and I love style so I mix and match the colours and outfit. Few times in a shop or outside school people asked me how I do my scarf and from where I get my scarves and I got complements about my dressing and hijab style. That’s made me think to start my blog called Be Hijabi. My husband suggested this name and he encouraged me that I should make my own blog of hijab styling and selling hijabs.

What is Your Everyday Hijab Style and Which is Your Favourite?
My everyday hijab style is very simple you can see it in my pictures. You can call it my signature style. This is one of my favourite style because it’s simple and it can give me a full coverage with volume. I love that style. I believed in covered fashion.

Exclusive interview with hijabi blogger Afshan Khan

What is Your Favourite Hijab Accessory?
My favourite Hijab accessory is head bands and i have different types of head bands and head pieces. I wear them according to the occasion.

Exclusive interview with hijabi blogger Afshan Khan

New hijab wearers aren’t confident to try out new styles. What tips would you give them to help them along?
My tip for new hijab wearers are that you shouldn’t be afraid of anyone and you should be proud of your hijab. You can look nice in a modest way and by covering yourself. Once you have come to know in your heart that you must wear hijab then you have to set a day and just do it. Don’t give up and don’t back down. Slowly you start loving it Inshallah and find it difficult to go out without your Hijab. Follow hijabi bloggers and vloggers for inspiration, but find a style that stay true to your own personal style.

Once you start wearing it, try wearing it in different styles but define your personal style. It will give you confidence and beauty.
Who or what inspires you in terms of hijab and fashion? Or do you inspire yourself?

My Hijab inspiration is Pearl daisy Amenakin. I love her style her hoojabs and her modest clothing. She inspired me so much and I watch her YouTube videos and sometimes I tried her hijab styles too.

Exclusive interview with hijabi blogger Afshan Khan

Last year you did hijab styling for a fashion show. Tell us more about it.
Last year I did hijab styling in a mosque for teenage girls. The purpose of that fashion show was to encourage young girls to wear hijab and wear modest clothing. I did styling for more than 20 girls. It was a good experience for me and for them who participated. In that show, girls wore school uniform , skirts , long dresses and wedding dresses with a scarves to inspire other young girls and to teach them that they can look nice with hijab where ever they go and whatever they wear( in a modest way).

What advice would you give young hijabi’s who would also like to start their own blog?
Anyone can start a hijabi or modest fashion blog if they have a passion to do something and if they think that wearing a hijab doesn’t necessarily means that you have to compromise with your sense of fashion, style and even your independence. You can have it all and still maintain the values and principles of your faith.

I see you started selling scarves online. How can we purchase these items and where can we buy them?
I start selling hijabs and few accessories online. You can find it on my page and anyone can message me and I will post them. I am thinking to expand my small business and also make a website so it will be easy for everyone to buy scarves. I only sell those scarves which I personally like and prefer to buy for myself.

Exclusive interview with hijabi blogger Afshan Khan

What are your fashion must-have items at the moment? You may choose 5.
My fashion must have 5 items. It’s difficult to tell 5 things. But I think that I will pick scarf, long cardigan, watch, bag and nice shoes.
I love accessories and I can’t go out without my rings and watch.

Exclusive interview with hijabi blogger Afshan Khan

What are your favourite retail stores to shop at?
I love shopping and my favourite stores at the moment are H&M and Debenhams and Accessorize because I can easily get the modest type of clothes  and my kind of accessories from these stores.

I’ve heard you recently started making hijab tutorials, after numerous requests. When can we expect to review it online?
Since I started my blog I got many requests for hijab tutorials. I am working on my first hijab tutorial. Soon it will come online, Inshallah. I hope you guys like it.
Any special mentions?
My friends…they always supported me to make my blog and start hijab styling. Most of the time they take my pictures too. Without them I can’t be able to run my page. I love them and lucky to have them in my life.
That was such a lovely chat with Afshan Khan from Be Hijabi. I can’t wait to view her tutorial, so stay with us for her latest hijab styles. Until our next hijabi exclusive interview, happy styling.


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