Exclusive Interview With Fatiha Rouf – Fatihas world

Exclusive interview with Fatiha Rouf – Fatihas world

We are back with another inspirational hijabi interview. This time it’s with YouTube sensation Fatiha Rouf. She is a Professional Makeup artist and has a YouTube channel where you can view beauty videos, DIYs and tips and tricks, hauls and styling tutorials. With more than 87 000 subscribers, be sure to check her out. Let’s get started!.

Exclusive interview with Fatiha Rouf – Fatihas world

Who is Fatiha Rouf and why is she so popular? Please explain, for those who don’t know.

Fatiha is a youtuber/blogger who posts videos on makeup/hijab tutorials/skincare and much more. She is a mother to three boys, student, works, and runs her own eyelash business. She is basically a bit of everything!

You are a make-up artist by profession, but also share some fabulous hijab styles. Which one of the two do you enjoy most?

I enjoy hijab styling the most! I always liked playing around with the headscarf and creating different looks with it way before I started youtube. I do enjoy makeup as well, I used to be a makeup artist but gave that up when I was pregnant with my second son.

What is your everyday hijab style and which is your favourite style?

Honestly speaking, its the simple drape you do where you just wrap the scarf around your head (maybe a couple of pleats if I am feeling a little fancy lol) and a pin on the side (or tucked under your chin, again depending on the mood).

Exclusive interview with Fatiha Rouf – Fatihas world

What hijab style would you choose? Turban or front wrap and why?

I prefer front wrap myself but understand that a lot of the younger girls like to see more turban styles so I offer a bit of both on my channel.

Exclusive interview with Fatiha Rouf – Fatihas world

What is your favourite hijab accessory?

The MUST HAVE no snag hijab pin! …oh and the volumizer! 

New hijab wearers aren’t confident to try out new styles. What tips would you give them to help them along?

Try simple styles, sometimes the simple styles look the best. Its nice doing all these pleats and layers..but to be honest how many of us have the time to look like we-are-ready-to-go-to-a-wedding everyday?!

Who or what inspires you in terms of hijab and fashion? Or are you your own inspiration?

I’m inspired by the top bloggers who I have been watching for years like Amena, Zukreat, Dina Tokio, Babylailalov.. I would love to meet them all one day! The biggest inspiration I get has to come from my sister, Yasmine. I really look up to her and admire her talent in makeup. She is really good at it!… and beautiful. 🙂

Exclusive interview with Fatiha Rouf – Fatihas world

What made you share your passion for fashion and beauty on YouTube? Yes, we want the story behind the success!

My sister, Yasmine (youtube channel: yasminesworld) has her own youtube channel and has been doing youtube for a number of years now and I used to love watching her and used to say “I will start it one day”. Then one day I just started filming (on my phone) and posted it on youtube. When it got a few views I was asked by youtube to monetise etc and I guess that’s how it started!

What advice would you give young hijabi’s who would like to start their own channel?

Do it if you love the filming, editing (long long hours of editing!!!), chatting in front of camera etc. Don’t do it for the fame. Its really not about that. Honestly I started my channels o I can share my hijab tutorials and skincare advice and one thing just lead to another and I started instagram and now Alhamdulillah I have my own business. But it all goes down to enjoying the whole filming and editing. If you don’t like that part of youtube, then youtube isn’t for you.


I see you are opening an online market store soon, when can we anticipate the opening?

Insha- Allah…. March/April. Insha -Allah! It’s been a long process because me and my admin team have tried three to four different ways of doing it but I kept on wanting it to be more simpler. I’m very simple myself so need things to be black and white and simple. So we have finally made the site very simple to use and shop on. Insha- Allah it will be live soon, we have just the finishing touches to do now! EEEEAKK SO EXCITED!!!


Are you a guest blogger for any website?

Nope. 🙁

What are your fashion must-have items at the moment? You may choose more than one.

My satin scarves. I am loving the satin scarves at the moment because they look best with the turkish hijab style, which is my current favourite style to do with outfits. I have also been getting back into wearing heels (flats are just so much more child friendly though!) and a BIG bag to fit in everything and ANYTHING! ha ha!

Exclusive interview with Fatiha Rouf – Fatihas world

Imagine there’s some kind of emergency. You just applied your foundation and could only grab one extra item of make-up, what would it be?

Oh that’s simple, eyeliner. Has to be eyeliner. 😉
Do have a look at her channels provided below:

Instagram: @fatihasworld