Exclusive Hijab Fashion and Islamic Clothing

Islamic hijab fashion is widely followed by Muslims girls and women alike. We are always looking for inspiration on how to wear the hijab with style. If it’s fashionable jilbab styles you were searching for, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a collection of photos with fashionably styled dresses and abayas for varying tastes. There are plenty videos on outfit lookbooks and I have attached a link to one for you to grab some inspiration from.

Occasional Wear Dress and Hijab Fashion

hijab and fashion


A beautiful peach and gold combination with a gold figure belt.

Islamic Abaya Style With Hijab

hijab and fashionWow, absolutely stunning combination once again with gold. A lovely twisted hijab style to accompany this exquisite abaya.

Casual Clothing in The Latest Hijab Fashion

hijab and fashion

A nice summery look with a floral headband.

hijab and fashion

A lovely everyday casual outfit.

hijab and fashion

A printed maxi dress with a cardigan and turban styled hijab.

Fashionable Hijab and Clothing Lookbook

hijab and fashion

Those were some inspirational hijab fashion and clothing styles for 2015. Happy styling.

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