Everyday hijab tutorial 2016

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This is the first hijab tutorial for 2016 I’ll be demonstrating. I thought of starting with an everyday tutorial which everyone can follow and hopefully wear as well.

What sparked the idea for hijab tutorials?

Sooo… I had a family-friend wedding to attend recently. You know how it goes at weddings. You see family of family and friends of friends and you soon realise 700 people in one place at one time, isn’t that bad! (no, I’m lying, I freak out in crowds, I bury my head in the ground and never look up, seriously.) Everyone asking me on my different hijab styles and the reason behind my non-existing tutorials made me recommit to my passion for hijab styling.

Most girls are looking for everyday styles. Most ladies were telling me they literally only have 2 minutes to style their scarf in the morning. They are either rushing off to work, school or university. Well, my first tutorial is 4 minutes long. But, bear in mind, styling on a mannequin head is not the easiest! BTW, from now onwards, I will refer to her as Salmah. 🙂

My everyday hijab tutorial for 2016

This truly is my everyday hijab style, and yes, I wear the same pashmina I used to style on Salmah. Some might say it’s too fancy, but trust me, you haven’t seen nothing yet! So, subscribe to my channel when watching the video for instant updates and subscribe to our mailing list here, to get the latest updates too.

Check out the video link below. Until next time beauties, happy styling 🙂