Embroidered hand Sleeve Designs for New Abayas

As the title says, embroidered hand sleeve designs are highly in fashion and demand when it comes to new Abaya styles. Not only is this trend new, exclusive but also very simple and unique. Before, we didn’t experience this kind of a craze over sleeves, however now it seems almost mandatory to pay that kind of attention. These embroideries can be simple, plain, or very lavish and handmade. Sometimes we see embroideries with stone work, cut work or sequence work and they all look gorgeous and stylish. All the Muslims girls seem to be following this 2016-17 style. We believe it is an Arabian fashion trend, like most good trends are! You can see this design in bridal gowns as well, to make them look even fancier. You should definitely try this look, and keep looking at various designer collections to get tips as to how you could use this design while buying new Abayas. You could transform a black Burqa by exaggerating the sleeves and wearing a stylish Hijab. That what everyone else is doing and so should you!

Pictures: New Embroidered Hand Sleeve Designs for Abayas

abaya hand embroidery new designs

This is what a cutwork lace looks like. We love how it is shaped for the sleeve, makes it look so simple yet so sophisticated.

abaya hand embroidery new designs

Another example of a plain black lace over a plain black Burqa. Black is one color that never gets old.

abaya hand embroidery new designs

Sometimes the sleeves can be continuation of the upper body piece like this one. We love the cheetah print!!

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