Wedding Hijab Drapes Over Egypt

egyptian wedding hijab

The décor for the upcoming Egyptian wedding trends possess the use of hijab, as an accessory, by Muslim brides. The use of hijab styles by brides via diverse techniques have put forward one of the best and finest collection in today’s fashion world. One could also see this modified wave as means of exploration and display of simplicity as well as modesty. This could also pave the way to further intricate, with delicacy, the basis for bridal couture for the upcoming designers in 2016-2017. Following are the pictures of brides who have embraced their hijabs with grace for their big day.

Hijab Wedding Goes Egyptian

egyptian wedding hijabegyptian wedding hijab

The bridal dresses in the pictures above are beautifully being complemented by the hijab styling. Both these brides have stylized their look taking inspiration from the basic traditional way of carrying hijab. The embroidery in both these dresses have brought about exquisitely the nature of hijab. While the left dress gives off a trendy fashionable look, the right maxi type gives a more subtle touch.

egyptian wedding hijab (1)

The morocco brides, as compared to the Egyptian, have gone for more accessories to further decorate their hijabs. The hijabs are embroidered and embellished with beads, sequences and the drape of their veil fabric is very much different than that shown in the previous picture. Some prefer a hijab while others go for a Niqaab which not only covers their head and hair but also other facial features.  Indeed Egyptian wedding hijab has been successful in bringing out the true essence of this modest piece of dressing.