Dream: New Dresses According To Islamic Interpretations

new dress islamic dream interpretation

Many people dream of new dresses and ideas thus they try to look at them according to the Islamic interpretations. Various colors have different significance in Islamic which is why many Muslim women study these colors before using them in their dresses. For example, the color white has a special place in the heart of the Muslim and is worn for Friday Prayer usually. The color turquoise greenish blue, has an extraordinary place in Islam. It is used in the decoration of mosques, coats of arms, so that they could not possibly be mistaken for their Muslim opponents in the heat of the battles. The color black is considered the color of mourning in Western and Mediterranean countries; however, it is considered a color of modesty in some Muslim cultures. All these colors are mostly used by Muslim women in their dresses and these dresses are full sleeves most of the times. Women who are very religious make sure that they follow the Islamic rules stated in the Holy Quran. Every girl wants to dress up according to the latest fashion trends yet still look modest. Many designers have now opened up special clothing lines for these Muslims making it easier for them to choose their outfits. Women usually take help from these designers only for formal events as they can be expensive. Some women take their dreams too seriously; hence whatever they dream of, even if it a new dress, they look into it according to Islamic interpretation to clear all their confusions.


Dream: New Dresses and Colors According To Islamic Interpretation

new dress islamic dream interpretation new dress islamic dream interpretation new dress islamic dream interpretation