Do it: How to Wear a Hijab in Different Ways

If you are someone who wears a Hijab, and are look for different ways of wearing it, then look no further! We will help you figure out how you can do it! We understand that you want to look trendy, and you see so many girls’ try out different styles, and you want to look just as beautiful. 2016 is a tricky year for fashion, and we think 2017 will be even trickier, thus we want you to be well prepared! We will help you look for tutorials, that will not only help you discover these modern styles, but also teach you step by step as to how you can acquire them! Wear your Hijab confidently by just following a few simple and easy steps! For ideas and color combinations, look for pictures online that show girls wearing different styles and types of Abayas. Not only are the looks modern, but extremely chic! Look for tutorials that will help you try out new materials and how you can put them on. If you have a simple lace dupatta, worry not! There are easy tutorials that can help you use that dupatta and wear it as a maxi scarf! Then wear a thin shawl over your shoulders, and your Abaya look will be absolutely complete! Below are some pictures that you can take ideas from! Good luck!

Want to Wear a Hijab in Different Ways? Here is How to do it!

how to do a hijab in different ways

Here is an absolutely amazing example of the kind of tutorials you can find online, and that will help you wear your Hijab in different ways! Keep an eye on as to how she very artistically treated the scarf so as to come out with this peeping lace look!

how to do a hijab in different ways

An example of what a maxi Hijab looks like, you can see two layers of head wraps that you will need to nail this look! And we love the combination!

how to do a hijab in different ways

What we particularly love about his Hijab is its color combination, and how elegant the lace looks! We had to add this!


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