Different ways and style of hijab made of shawl for women to wear this winter season.

This winter season learn how to wear different styles of hijab made of shawl. Shawls are a very trending style and a very common too. They are sort of an identifying factor of the Asian women in the winter season. Shawls are preferred of pashmina as they are warm and easy to carry. But now there are shawls which are being used as head scarfs and below are a few of the trending designs for women to follow this winter season.

How to wear hijab in Different Ways: Trending Hijab Design Made of Shawl

how to wear shawl hijab in different ways

The shawl is of pashmina and is very trending. Wear a bit bright colors this season. And cover your heads properly so you can enjoy to your fullest. This shawl can be worn normally but the girls prefer to wear it as a headscarf. This design is available in may color and can be contrasted with any other sort of color this season. And look cool and chic on your way to shopping or hang out with friends.

how to wear shawl hijab in different ways

This particular design or style is not in shawl category but the way it has been worn can be followed or worn while wearing a shawl and can be made a head scarf of this design. This can be made in any color and combination or cloth piece.

how to wear shawl hijab in different ways

Above are a few designs of hijab that can be worn or made from a pashmina shawl for the winters. These designs are not limited to just the cloth material shown above nor just limited to shawl can be made in any sort of a material. So here you go these are a few chic and cool hijab styles to be made from a shawl and worn this winter season.

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