Different Hijab Styles With 2 Scarves

There are different ways you can carry your hijab with 2 scarves, each with a different style and design. As hijab is mandatory for Muslim girls, they try to come up new innovative ideas that make their look more stylish and fashionable. They might use different colors, patterns and materials for that stylish look. Most Non-Muslim girls indulge in various hairstyles, however, in the case of the Muslim women, that is not possible. Hence, Muslim girls come up with new modern ideas to make their scarves more interesting and colorful. The internet is a guiding path for all those who want to learn simple and easy ways of how to look casual, yet simply beautiful. All the best designs are shared on websites, so that every girl can choose the design that will suit their face and skin tone the most. In this article, I will share the top 3 pictures of hijab styles with 2 scarves.

Hijab Styles With 2 Scarves Tutorial


This image is of a modern hijab style using 2 scarves. This style makes the hijab look more colorful and interesting. The tutorial image makes it easy for girls to follow the instructions step by step and achieve the same result.

hijab styles with 2 scarves

This image also shows use of 2 separate scarves, one beige in color and the other a maroon\red. The numbering on the images makes it easier to know which picture to follow first.

hijab styles with 2 scarves

This image is a close up of a two tone hijab, using 2 different scarves. The image shows how interesting the hijab looks if you use two different colors for one hijab style.

hijab styles with 2 scarves

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