Different Hijab and Scarf Dimensions

hijab scarf dimensions

Hijab and scarf dimensions vary slightly because these two forms of clothing are used for two different kinds of purposes. Hijab is used to cover the head of women whereas scarves are mostly used to cover ones chest however, hijab can be worn on any outfit like long maxi type evening dress whereas scarf is mostly worn by young girls on casual clothing. Quick way of wearing hijab or scarf is the wrap around style, which is very simple and easy to follow. Hijab has Islamic connotation attached to it whereas scarf has no such connotation it is mostly public choice. Moreover, Muslim brides do wear hijab on their wedding day if they have a habit of taking hijab almost every day. Apart from this, many new designer collections of 2016-2017 include hijab, Abaya and jilbab as a part of their fashion collection, efforts have been made to make clothes like hijab as fashionable as possible. Many awesome tutorials are available online which explain how to wear hijab in a very simple and easy way possible. Popular designers introduced various new accessories to stylize hijab for every kind of occasion. Casual hijab styles are mostly nicely done especially for cute young girls who go to school. Many new hijab designs are inspired from various new designing trends like digital printing. Designers along with outfits categorize hijabs and scarfs into summer and winter collections. Hijab and scarf dimensions are different from one another mainly because of the fact that they are needed for two different kinds of purpose.


  Hijab and Scarf Dimensions Style

hijab scarf dimensions hijab scarf dimensions hijab scarf dimensions