Difference Between Turkish Hijab and Islamic Hijab

turkish hijab and islamic hijab

Turkish hijab and Islamic hijab are quite similar. There is hardly any difference between them. Both forms of hijab fulfill the concept of Islam i.e. modest dressing for women. However, there are variations in the way people understand the basic concept of hijab depending on the thinking and perception of every individual.  Covering the head is just one part of women’s clothing. But as many women around the world adopt Islamic teachings according to the fashion of there own country, it is now mostly hijab or headscarf, which is constant and marks a particular woman as a Muslim. Islamic Hijab is universal, many Muslim women around the world follow it but Turkish hijab keeps changing and is mostly followed in parts by women of Turkey. Islamic hijab is a very simple and easy way of covering ones head with a headscarf, which makes a woman look elegant and decent, yet they are stylish.  Turkish hijab is a new way of covering ones head, and therefore has many designs, which are trendy, modern and fashionable. Just like other aspects of clothing have certain new trends, similarly every year latest hijab collection is launched for instance 2016-2017 would have a particular hijab collection that woman in Turkey would follow. There are many fashion schools across the world, which is coming up with new beautiful and innovative ideas related to styles of Hijab. Such schools are trying to keep the designs of Islamic Hijab on the main basic context of Hijab as part of Islamic clothing, and are adding variations to the Turkish way of taking hijab.

Turkish Hijab and Islamic Hijab 2016-17

turkish hijab and islamic hijab turkish hijab and islamic hijab turkish hijab and islamic hijab