Hijab or Scarf? Do you know the difference?

Difference between Hijab and Scarf

There is a difference between hijab and scarf, scarf is a very modern and stylish way of wearing a piece of cloth, whereas Hijab has a traditional and religious connotations attached to it. Women wear hijab, as a part of their Islamic Clothing, the main purpose of Hijab is that a woman looks modest and decent at all times. Scarf can be worn on any kind of outfit mainly casual outfits but hijab is a head gear, which can be worn by women on any kind of outfit like evening gowns preferably long maxi type of dresses or casual outfits. It suits and fits any kind of dress or clothing. However, scarf and hijab can be worn in a very easy, quick and simple manner. Muslim brides on their wedding also wear Hijab, but that hijab is mostly shinny. Main fabulous fashion designers have launched their 2016-2017 winter and summer collection, which have new variations and styles of hijab and scarf. It also introduced the concept of utilizing existing scarves for the purpose of wearing a Hijab. Awesome and best hijabs can also be worn with fashionable Abaya and Jilbabs, however scarves cannot be worn with dresses like Abaya as women would not only look unfashionable but it will also not fulfill the concept of meaning attached to Abaya or Hijab. Designers have launched new and unique ideas, which is very nicely worked upon. The collection of hijab and scarves not only focuses on women but now it also tends to focus on young cute girls who go to school. Many online tutorials are also available, which explain briefly how to wear different kinds of Hijab or Scarves and what is the difference between hijab and scarf.

What is The Difference Between hijab and Scarf

Difference between Hijab and ScarfDifference between Hijab and ScarfDifference between Hijab and Scarf