Dian Pelangi Hijab Style Tutorials For The Modern Women

Dian Pelangi is a fashion influencer for the Muslim fashion world and here are the easy tutorials for the hijab or scarf. A lot of  Styles in this tutorial about hijab.  Hijab is a very modest and a signifying dress. And as we step into the 2016 hijab or scarf is becoming a very influential dress code. But with the modern society changing this dress also reaches its modern peak. Below are a few pictorial tutorials for the latest tutorial hijab dian pelangi.

Styles of 2016: Hijab tutorials for Dian Pelangi followers

tutorial hijab style dian pelangi

This is a very terbaru hijab style by Dian Pelangi. Yet it’s a very modern and a simple style for girls. The style is explained in 9 basic steps for the girls to follow and wear this hijab style. When on the go you and you don’t want to change wear this simple hijab or scarf and look elegan and presentable enough to move around the society.

tutorial hijab style dian pelangi

This scarf or hijab is of pashmina and is available in every color. You can coordinate it with whatever clothes you want to wear. And just brighten them up with this simple bright colored scarf and look chic and elegant and belong to the modern society. All women want to stand out in a room full of women stand out with this latest and simple style.

tutorial hijab style dian pelangi

Chiffon is a very trending cloth piece for women. It is available in many colors and prints. This contrast of a printed scarf with plain clothes is very modern and a chic style for girls. This picture above shows the basic steps needed to wear a scarf or hijab in two different styles. So these a few terbaru hijab style tutorials by Dian Pelangi.

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