Designer Burqa Styles For Muslims

Designer Burqa Styles For Muslims

Designer burqa styles with fashionable clothing is hard to find. I have been searching endlessly for pictures of inspiration to share with you but I have been searching in vain. The Muslim women who wear the burqa are modestly dressed, or rather this is the portrayal of the images found online. I haven’t found an image of a Muslim women wearing western clothing with the burqa. This would probably be contradictory as western clothing shows your body shape and Islamic abayas have a loose fit and doesn’t show any body shape. I found an image of a bright coloured burqa which I thought was quite modern. Since all the images of burqas are in dark colours and I haven’t seen any in vibrant colours. Our previous article on the burqa was a huge success and due to the fact, we conducted a follow-up article. To have  a look at our previous article, feel free to click here.

Burqa and Their Design

Looking at the images of the burqa, made me realise that the shape of it which is placed on the head resembles that of a topi (the headdress worn by Muslim men). Then the loose fabric falls over the face with the mesh eye-piece covering. I often wondered why their aren’t fashionable burqas but I then thought that those who wear the burqa don’t wear it for fashion. They are modestly dressed in the abaya and they mostly reside in the East where Western fashion is not commonly followed. I would say the hijab has more freedom of style as you get then in an abundance of colours and styles. They have embellishments too and you are never restricted where styling is concerned. I have found that the burqa isn’t available in many styling options. However, there are colours which you could play around with. I think burqa wearers aren’t experimental when it comes to style. However, with the hijabi fashion making it’s mark around the world, I am sure we will be seeing some new and fresh takes on wearing the burqa. For now though, I have picked some abaya styles which you could wear  with the burqa.

Wearing The Burqa

Many women who wear the burqa would not see the point in my article, as they might feel that the reason behind the burqa is to keep the attention away from you. So, if you want to keep the attention away, then why would you want to style your burqa? Well, many young girls in the East wear the burqa because it is what their mother, grandmother or aunt is wearing. They don’t feel forced to wear it but rather do it out of duty or because it feels right to follow the example set by  the elders. Young girls like to dress up and look pretty. They would only wear something if they feel good and look good in it. For this reason, we are here to share some styles on wearing the burqa while fulfilling the dresscode  of Islam.

Images of the Burqa and Abaya Designs

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