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Delicate New Abaya Pin

new abaya pin

Who would want to wear an old plain boring Abaya, don’t worry these new Abaya pins are here that will make your old boring look turn into a new and modern look. These pins are made of different materials and in different styles some have Swarovski and some are made of plain metal these pins are the newest trend of the season as everyone wants to buy these Abaya pins. These pins can be worn on all colors of Abaya but the best combo of the season is black abaya and silver pins. These pins can be worn over hijabs also and they make wrapping the hijab a lot more easy as it stays secure. The woman of 2016-17 wants to dress up in a manner that she looks confident all day long and the look should be trendy and comfortable. Dressing up stylishly also requires that the dress is very comfortable. These pins are also designed exclusively by designers that make pins using real stones such as rubies and emeralds. Jilbabs are available both in plain and printed materials. These New Abaya Pins are available in two categories one is for day to day use and others and heavy that can be worn on special events and occasion.


The New Abaya Pin 2016

new abaya pinThis picture shows an beautiful silver accessory worn over a plain black hijab this can also be worn over an abaya, this is heavy enough to be worn to an event and or occasion.

new abaya pin

These delicate beauties are a must have, matching them with a plain abaya can make anyone look extraordinary along with printed scarf.

new abaya pin

This is a abaya pin that is made in a necklace style and can be worn over any kind of abaya this is made of diamontes.