Creative and Different hijab Wearing Styles

sotra1 Creative and Different hijab Wearing Styles

Have you ever wondered what are the latest and different hijab wearing styles are? We have decided to bring the latest trends to you. I have been experimenting lately with new styles and have found my signature style which I always wear and I’m known for. Creating your signature hijab style is only achieved by trying out different hijab styles and ways of wearing.

Different Ways of Wearing Hijab

There are many amazing and different styles available online andĀ  I have taken the time to compile a whole lot of different ways of wearing the hijab for different outfits. Some of the many styles are the basic front wrap, double wrap. turban and maxi wrap. Let’s look below at some wonderful styles.

How To Wear Different Hijab Styles

different styles of hijab wearing

This is a casual hijab style and this is a signature style. She is known for this hijab style. When you are known because of your specific hijab style, it is amazing. Once you enter the room, they will know it’s you. A signature style is also not easy to replicate, unless the stylist shows you how to style it. Even if she does, it won’t be the exact same outcome.

4 Different Ways of Wearing Hijab

different styles of hijab wearing

Here we see 3 front wrap styles and 1 turban style. The first style uses the scrungy and has volume. It’s easy to create the look. Simply create folds to give you that illusion. The next style is a simple and easy front wrap. Moving to the bottom, we see the front knotted turban which is very common among young girls. We then see a loose front wrap which is this hijab stylists signature style.

Different Ways of Wearing Hijab For Young Girls

How to wear a different hijab with styles in 2016-2017

Young girls always look for easy styles which they can complete in less than 1 minute. They don’t have the time to spend on styling since they are always in a hurry on their way to university or studying an they feel there are more important things to do with their time. This front wrap loose style is very quick and easy and simple to wear every day. You can wear it with any outfit and you don’t need anything special to style it. All you need is your scarf. A maxi scarf does best suit this style but a pashmina will work well too.

Classical Hijab Style For Every Day


This style is worn by many women and they feel comfortable in this style. It is very simple and suits any face shape. The tassels on the ends of the scarf is very fashionable and I have seen them in many retail stores. So, if you want to get this look, it is quite easy to find this scarf as you can go to a retail store and don’t have to buy it online which might cost more.

different styles of hijab wearing

I hardly see ladies wearing the lace underscarf. She has provided me with an idea for a new tutorial.

Turban Hijab Wearing Scarf Ideas

different styles of hijab wearing different styles of hijab wearing

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