Mid-term exam stress and how to cope with it


It’s that busy time of year again, where everyone around me is busy studying for either school mid-year exams or university exams. Normally, this time of year is quite stressful for students. If you’re living with one, you will know what I’m talking about.

Preparing to study

I think this is an important step. Make sure the environment you are studying in is not distracting. Have all your notes organized so that you aren’t scrambling all over the place trying to put pieces together. I always bought a pack of highlighters to highlight important parts of the subject. Tell yourself, ” I am going to study now” so that you are aware of how you are going to spend your time and follow through with it.

Distractions while studying


The first mistake many students make is, they study with their cellphones next to them!!! Guys, this will never work, as you will constantly be looking at your phone and not concentrate on studying. This will also increase your time spent on studying and tire you out even further, which could’ve been avoided.

Rather take a break every 3 hours and chat to your friends during your study break. Breaks are important too! You need to focus on something else for  a few minutes and start afresh. Go for a walk or stand in the sunshine ( not that I did ANY of those!) Another piece of advice I received from one of my teachers, while in school was, if you want to watch a program on tv and you always watch it at a specific time, go and watch it! You’re mind will ponder for the entire duration of it and you won’t be able to study. I’m telling you, that was the best advice anyone has given me.

Brain food while studying

I know how easy it is to grab a chocolate bar, packet of chips, sweets or anything that’s ready-to-eat. Students don’t have the time to make food or time to think about what to eat. They simply eat what’s close by and continue studying. However, while studying you need to eat food which will sustain you through the day.


Have a healthy breakfast. Berries and nuts are filled  with antioxidants and are good for you. You can also snack on them while studying.


Almonds are a great source of healthy fats, but only have a handful!


Chocolates should be avoided at all cost when studying! They are comfort foods and will only drop your energy levels. Another beverage which many students over-indulge in while studying is coffee!!! I’m guilty of this too. I drank so much coffee in my matric year that till today I don’t want a cuppa. I would fall asleep while studying and that seemed to be my only way out 🙁

My studying experience

After giving you all the correct advice which one should follow, I have to admit, I didn’t do ANY of these. I ate junk food whole day and ate all the time while studying. I would eat chips, chocolates, sweets etc. I didn’t eat fruit at all and drank coffee whole day! I studied parrot fashion, which is very bad! I did create keywords or funny phrases so that I could remember them easily. Till today, I still remember those silly phrases, so it’s a good thing.

I’m also guilty of feeding students the wrong things ( my brother and sister). I love baking on weekends and while they are studying, they always look for something to have with their tea. There’s nothing better than a few slices of decadent chocolate cake even though you regret it afterwards and need to go sleep! Ha-ha!

That’s it from me… good luck to  everyone studying and writing exams. Study hard and may you achieve to the best of your ability, Insha-Allah. Let me know what your study methods are in the box below 🙂