Latest Colored Abaya Collection 2016-17

Latest colored Abaya collection moves away from the traditional color of Abaya i.e. black. Traditionally women across the globe used to wear black Abaya, since black signifies power, control and some sort of mystery regarding the unknown. New colorful collection is for Muslim women who prefer to wear colored Abaya’s on special occasions like weddings etc. Even though designers are in the midst of introducing colored Abaya’s yet they are always hesitant before experimenting with stuff that has Islamic or any other religious connotation attached to it, therefore the length of the Abaya is still the same i.e. long and it still has full sleeves. Many new modern styles and stylish designs are introduced each year which vary from season to season as every season has its own particular colors and designs. Heavy beaded embroidery is also done to make a simple Abaya look elegant and beautiful. Colored Abaya collection for brides are mostly composed of bright colors since brides tend to wear bright and vibrant colors on their wedding.

Stylish Colored Abaya Collection

Colored Abaya Collection

This image shows a long Abaya. A very colorful print has been used to create an Abaya, which looks, trendy and fashionable.

Colored Abaya Collection

This image shows various different colors of Abaya available in the same design, which shows that designers are adding variety to the color palette of various Abaya designs and styles

Colored Abaya Collection

This image shows a long length Abaya launched by the famous brand Dolce & Gabana. D&G launched its very first hijab and Abaya catalogue, which shows that how many famous fashion designers are incorporating Hijab and Abaya in their fashion collection.

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