Chiffon Hijab or Scarf Tutorial For The Modern Women

Chiffon is a very elegant and a very soft cloth material. Below are a few tutorials of hijab or scarf of chiffon. Chiffon is a very soft cloth piece. And it is available in whatever color you want it. And it has a very firm grip over the head and it’s used a lot by women for many sort of designs and clothing styles. And now this cloth is being used for hijab or scarfs even. Below are tutorials through pictures for how to handle or wear a hijab or a scarf of chiffon.

Scarf Style: Three Easy Chiffon Hijab Tutorial

tutorial hijab scarf sifon

This is a very a simple chiffon cloth piece and yet very elegan for girls. This is a modern but simple segi empat. This picture tutorial gives the very basic steps for wearing a hijab or scarf for girls. And through the tutorial they learn cara Memakai the cloth for a scarf.

tutorial hijab scarf sifon

Chiffon is available in many prints not just plain cloth piece. The picture above shoes a very stylish and cute printed chiffon hijab or scarf for college or school going girls. And there are many prints available for little girls who wear scarfs and yet want to add a bit girly touch to their scarfs or hijab.

tutorial hijab scarf sifon

This is a very simple yet a modern touch to the scarf or hijab for the women who wear it. This is a simple and elegan royal blue chiffon scarf which goes perfectly with the contrast of black and white. This color coordination is very modern and stylish and in use for working women who want to add a few colors to their monotonous routine. This tutorial shows basic five steps needed to wear the scarf or hijab of chiffon.

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