Attractive Yet Cheap Bohemian Jewelry

Cheap Bohemian Jewelry

Initially bohemian jewelry was all about being cheap in the context of money and yet it was attractive and fashionable. Bohemian people used material that was easily accessible in their area and used to create jewelry pieces out of it. The main source of their inspiration came from various different cultures since they used to wander and travel places and hence they used ideas, which appealed to them. Many other articles on bohemian jewelry explain what bohemian jewelry actually is and why bohemian people preferred less expensive and easily accessible material to create accessories.

Cheap Bohemian Jewelry Designs

Bohemian Jewelry is all about using stones, metal, steel and brass in creative ways and hence most of the bohemian ornaments and jewelry is cheap. Yet many bohemian designs are expensive as well but it depends not on the bohemian jewelry design but mainly on the material used to create that piece of jewelry. If a designer uses real stones like ruby, diamonds, turquoise or they use gold instead of metal or steel then such jewelry would be expensive rather than cheap. However, many brands like accessorize or etsy are selling bohemian style jewelry at affordable prices and young girls who avoid wearing expensive jewelry can buy their own bohemian collection from such shops and can pair it up with their casual summer attires.

Cheap and Affordable Bohemian Style Jewelry


Cheap and affordable bohemian style jewelry has many designs and styles that can be worn by anyone including women who work since now women hardly wear original jewelry and the trend of gold plated jewelry is back in fashion. Even on weddings many young girls prefer to wear gold plated jewelry these days as many styles are available in gold plated material and everyone can select their own bohemian jewelry design based on their own preferences.

Cheap Bohemian Jewelry

Tibetan stone bead necklace is one of the most common bohemian jewelry designs. It has layers of beaded strings and often-original red coral stones are used. But if designers use normal stylish beads even then this look can be achieved and such necklace would be available to a greater consumer market.

Cheap Bohemian Jewelry

Turquoise bracelets are a must have and many women prefer turquoise jewelry since it can be worn with any color or with different shades of blue. It looks nice and can compliment any sort of dress. However, if women want cheap and affordable turquoise bracelets then instead if buying real stone jewelry they should go for normal stone that are usually available in the market because various fashion designers use them as a stylistic element on their garments or in their fashion shows.

Cheap Bohemian Jewelry

Bohemian style gold plated cuff bracelets are also in fashion. Many tribal societies wear such cuff bracelets on daily basis as it represents their culture and their tribal affiliations.

Cheap Bohemian Jewelry

Amber, ivory seed bead and brass has been used to create this beautiful neckpiece. Bohemian societies used to wear such heavy beaded necklaces and such neckpieces can be acquired if women use cheap stones rather than going for original ones. Heavy beaded necklaces look funky and trendy on short shirts on jeans or with short skirts and many young girls in the west wear it to complete their beach look.


Cheap Vintage Bohemian Jewelry Style

Many vintage bohemian jewelry styles are also cheap and affordable and can be bought by girls belonging to various different classes. Many people think vintage jewelry is mostly expensive but many low scale designers have managed to bring vintage jewelry at your doorstep in very cheap prices. The following images show exactly what kind of designs one should expect when they talk about vintage bohemian jewelry.

Cheap Bohemian JewelryCheap Bohemian Jewelry

Vintage gypsy bohemian earrings design, which the bohemian dream catchers inspire. Dream catchers were used in bohemian culture and they were hung above the beds of the sleeping children to protect them from bad dreams and evil spirits. It is made up of a woven loose net and it is then decorated and accessorized with beads and feathers. Dream catcher inspired bohemian jewelry designs are vintage and are made in variety of materials including gold, metal, steel and brass.

Cheap Bohemian Jewelry

A very funky bohemian style ring that also reminds us of the vintage jewelry because of its rusty color. It is a hammered copper ring that can be worn by girls of all age groups as the design is very simple and does not compliment any specific age group.

Cheap Bohemian JewelryCheap Bohemian JewelryA very vintage multi layered bohemian style necklace, which is made up of black and turquoise beads. It looks quite chic and trendy on kurtis with round necklines.
Cheap Bohemian Jewelry

Vintage bohemian jewelry designs are mostly made up of brass as it easily available and can be afforded by anyone.


Where To Buy Bohemian Jewelry Online

Whenever a new trend comes in fashion, young girls become curious, as they want to know from where they can buy the latest trends and that too at very affordable prices. Similarly, now many young girls who are following our articles on bohemian jewelry might be wondering from where they can buy bohemian jewelry online. Sites like, are selling bohemian jewelry online. They provide cash on delivery services which means that women can pay at their doorsteps all they have to do is select the design of jewelry they want and fill in their basic details like address, mobile number etc and then within 3-5 working days they can get their delivery at their doorstep. Online jewelry shopping would help them avoid the hassle of going out in this scorching heat and buying jewelry.

Affordable and Stylish Bohemian Jewelry


Many similar sites like and have variety of designs and the exciting thing is that they offer similar designs at very affordable rates, as they know they are targeting a huge population through their online shops and that huge population means people belonging to various different types of classes. Women tend to buy fake jewelry that is cheap and affordable as they are already compromising on their desire to won expensive jewelry and therefore they are not willing to compromise on the price of the jewelry. They prefer to pay less and buy quality jewelry.

Discount on Beautiful Bohemian Jewelry

Discount on bohemian jewelry is one of the things young girls eagerly wait for through out the year. Many various occasions or religious festivities like Eid offer discount on bohemian jewelry. Discount allows the bohemian jewelry to become less expensive and hence any one can buy it keeping in mind the budget they have allocated on jewelry and their own personal preferences.

Cheap Bohemian Jewelry

Turquoise and purple beads multi strand necklace looks funky and nice on multi colored tops that compliment the colors of the necklace.

Cheap Bohemian Jewelry


Turquoise chunk gemstone and feather earrings look trendy and stylish on balloon tops with bell-bottoms or with folded jeans. They are a must have this season as long earrings are back in fashion and studs are an oldies thing now.

Cheap Bohemian JewelryCheap Bohemian Jewelry

Another piece of earrings inspired by the dream catchers design. It is made up of silver sterling which is another inexpenive material that is commonly used in jewelry making.

Cheap Bohemian JewelryCheap Bohemian Jewelry

Unique ethnic and tribal jewelry is oftend made up of huge stones and they are usually huge chunks of necklaces that make a woman’s neckline look appealing and attractive.

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