Celebrities Who Convert To Islam

Janet Jackson converts to Islam after marriage to Qatari billionaire Celebrities Who Convert To Islam

Islam is the religion of peace and many celebrities have converted to Islam to accept this wonderful religion and enhance their spirituality and become closer to one god, Allah.

Celebrities are followed by many fans and they are the trend setters. Some might say their actions are solely for attention and to make the front covers of tabloids. But, when you decide to convert to Islam, it is a decision which you make with your heart and when you recite your Shahaadah, you have accepted Islam as your religion, by stating, “I testify that there is no other god but Allah, and Muhammad is God’s messenger (prophet).”

Celebrities Who Convert To Islam

Celebrities Who Convert To Islam

The famous boxing champion and Olympic medalist, Muhammad Ali. He was baptized as a Christian and named Cassius Clay at birth. The person who played the pivotal role in Muhammed’s conversion was Malcolm X, who introduced him to the Nation of Islam, an ongoing religious movement to help improve the condition of African Americans. Sufism was the religion of practice which he chose in 2005.

Celebrity Mike Tyson Coverts To Islam

Celebrities Who Convert To Islam

This is a remarkable change, Mike Tyson converted to Islam in prison. in front of the holy Kaaba in Mecca, in 2010, performing Umrah.

Janet Jackson Converts to Islam


Janet Jackson was one of my favourite singers when I was growing up. I was amazed to see that she too has converted to Islam. Her reason was to be able to marry her Muslim fiancé, Wissam Al Mana. Wow, what a wonderful story.

Diam Lelanie Georgiades Convert To Islam

Diam Lelanie Georgiades Convert To Islam

Diam Lelanie Georgiades. She was a popular french singer and rapper. She was suffering from depression and she  had a lot of stress. Then she visited to many doctors for her disease. No one couldn’t solved her problem. After a visit in Mauritius in 2008. she researched about the Islam over there. and she started reading quran, slowly and gradually. she accepted Islam and started wearing Hijab (Head Scarf).

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