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Hijab Fashion for Muslim Girls Around the World

Hijab fashion for Muslim girl

Hijab fashion has become worldly recognized, with many styles being created for Muslim girls around the world. Today we’ll explore the best styles throughout the world, and tell you about the Hijab Fashion For Muslim Girls. The Beginning of the Modern Era For Hijab Fashion for Muslim Girls Over the past […]

Modern Hijab Fashion Dresses Pictures 2017

hejab modèle 2016 2017

Latest Hijab Fashion 2017 Dresses Ideas Wow, it’s been a while since I wrote on modern hijab fashion, but with 2017 being around the corner we all need a change in the way we look. I have found some amazing casual and modern hijab styles which I am currently wearing […]

Trendy Dress Fashion With Hijab For 2016


Hey girls! Today we will look at some of the most trendy dress fashion with hijab for 2016. Here at hijabiworld, we provide you with ample ideas on dress styles for every occasion, whether it’s Eid, weddings, parties, formal or casual everyday wear. For more dress ideas, click here. Stunning […]

Fashion Review: Shop For Hijab With Maxi Dress

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According to many latest fashion reviews, shopping for hijab with maxi dresses has become very common. Maxi’s never go out of fashion and they give a women a very elegant look. Maxi are such dresses that can be worn by young girls as well as older women. These dresses serve […]

Classic Fashion Styles of Hijab

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There are some classic designs of hijab that never go out fashion. They are the archetypical styles that have been seen from the very start, and still are seen all around the globe. Usually classic styles are easy to wear as they consume less time. A black hijab is considered […]

Latest Fashion Trends: Hijab With Robe Style Dresses

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The latest fashion trends suggest that robe style dresses are very much in fashion these days due to which Muslim women are always in search of ideas of how to carry a hijab with these dresses. Robe style dresses are usually seen at formal events and are loose-fit waist down. […]

Latest Fashion Trends: Hijab scarves

hijab scarves fashion

Just as the fashion trends of clothes keep changing over time, the styles of hijab scarves also keep evolving with time. A few years ago, simple plain hijabs were seen mostly in Muslim countries and women has less knowledge of fashion. However, with each passing day, Muslim women gained awareness […]

Things You Should Know About Hijab Fashion Black

Hijab Fashion Black

Black is that one color which is modern, classy and does not go out of fashion ever which is why hijab fashion black is the new and most fashionable and stylish way to dress up. The hijab fashion black idea is a true inspiration from abayas and jilbab which look […]

Modern Black Hijab Outfit Designs Ideas

Black Hijab Outfit

The one color that never goes out of fashion is black and black hijab outfit is the single most fashionable, modern and latest trend in the world of modest dressing in 2016. It can be anything starting from a plain black long abaya or your wardrobe filled with a kumpulan […]

New Fashion Trends of Easy Hijab

Fashion Easy Hijab

Time is flitting away much too quickly and along with the pace of changes in fashion and designing is also moving fast, hence women are in constant search to find new fashion trends of hijab that are simple, quick and easy to follow. Many modern designers are coming up with […]