Casual Clothing yet stylish and fashionable hijab looks for the women of 21st century.

Hijab is a very casual and a fashion clothing. And all women want to be looking stylish yet not compromising on the comfort of the clothing. Hijab is a very casual yet a very elegant outfit, and you can look stylish in these new modern look for a hijab or these new stylish designs. Women are very particular about the fashion that is in the market but there is a misconception that hijab is a very restrictive dress and it not very comfortable. So here are a few stylish hijab fashion for women of this century.

Casual hijab fashion Clothing styles

casual hijab fashion clothing

The above style is a very casual fashion design for women who wear hijab. The combination of dark and light colors is a very modern look and with the above outfit any light colored scarf or hijab can be worn and accessorized for the women to look good.

casual hijab fashion clothing

This particular style is for the women who specially have to walk a lot and is also for girls or teenagers. The hijab is of a darker color and this look can be worn with any other outfit too. The scarf is a plain pashmina shawl and used as a head scarf. There are many ways to wear a plain yet elegant head scarf and look chic and casual.


casual hijab fashion clothing

The above look is more of a formal then a casual look. The combination of plain with a printed head scarf or hijab is very chic look for women these days also very trending look. This particular design can also fall in the Abaya department. But this style can be worn with any other color contrast and also vice versa that be plain head scarf or hijab with a printed look. These are a few casual yet stylish hijab looks for the women of 21st century.

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