Burkini Banned in France

Burkini Banned in France 2016

France’s Prime Minister has banned the Burkini which is called (swimsuit) in France. It’s like a swimsuits which covers the whole body and hair. We, Muslim women wear headscarf (Hijab) with it. Manuel Valls, the prime minister of France, says that, this swimsuit¬† are “not compatible with the values of France and the Republic”. Women feel uncomfortable and These are the enslavement of women. Because of attacks in france, They prime minister has banned burkini in more three cities.

Burkini Banned in France 2016

Burkini Banned in France 2016

Back in April, 2011, France ban on face covering (veils), Now the full body covering swimsuit has also banned. Recently. Recently, A mother has given the fine for wearing burkini in the town of Cannes. She was with her children, her age between 29 to 40. Police has caught her when she was swimming at the beach.

This news is now heated in France about burkini banned. Muslim women are getting worry about this issue. They don’t have any other way.

From Now. French Muslim women should aware of that, and don’t wear burkini at the beach. The question has raised in my mind that Why are they banning Islamic dress? First in 2011, and now in 2016 as well. We should think about this and let me know about your response.

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