Bright and Peachy Summer Hijab Tutorials By Asoomi Jay

Here are the summer hijab tutorials with the very famous Asoomii jay. But first let’s get a bit information about Asoomii jay. Asoomii Jay is a Canadian born Muslim blogger, model activist and the creator of the blind trust project. And is one of the few women who are changing the perspective about hijab as a dress throughout the world and the view about hijab wearing women. Summer is the time of fresh and bright colors and hijab is that one dress which can easily let you flaunt whatever color you want to wear. So here are a few excellent hijab ideas and design for the summer.

Summers Style: Hijab Tutorials By Asoomii Jay

summer hijab tutorial with asoomii jay

This is one of the latest and the most elegant hijab style for the women to follow this summer. This tie and die two toned pink and peach hijab is very much trending and in fashion. Pink is already said to be the color of women this adds to the extra beauty and uniqueness of the women. This is a very different hijab style that can be followed by women.

summer hijab tutorial with asoomii jay

This is a very stylish and a very different hijab tutorial for girls to follow. This thirteen pictured tutorial easily explains the style that can be followed by the girls. This is rather more formal design to be followed by girls who have meetings or other work related things. This hijab can be worn in any color as it is easily available preferring to whatever color the person likes and in any material other than silk.

summer hijab tutorial with asoomii jay

The summer is a time for bright and different color combinations time. The combination of three different colors is a very trending and an excellent style to be followed this summer or spring. Any color combination can be made according to one’s taste and liking. The style is very easy to follow as the hijab is not very complicated. These are a few of the hijab styles for summer by Asoomii Jay.

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