Brand New Abaya’s In Qatar

dg Brand New Abaya’s In Qatar

As Qatar is an Arab country and Abaya are a necessity for ladies over their so the new collection of Abaya is mind-blowing. It has a wide range of Abaya you name it and you have it starting for plain black Abaya to embellished Abaya in almost all colors. Along with Abaya a range of accessories are also available that can be easily paired with the abaya like brooches and Abaya pins and a variety of scarfs and shawls. Usually ladies find it very difficult to find a complete outfit that could be worn on all kinds of occasions and events now everything is available under one roof. As the weather in Qatar is usually hot as it is a sub-tropical desert. These Abaya are made of a material that can easily be worn in hot weather. The most used fabric for Abaya is crepe as it is light and airy. Now the Exclusive Abaya are made of a variety of fabric such as linen georgette or even silk. The most preferred Abaya for day to day use are plain. Being trendy is not an option anymore it’s a priority wrapping a hijab stylishly can help in achieving the desired look. So buying a Jilbab is no more a problem for the ladies of Qatar as this variety of Abaya has everything that you need to look beautiful.

New Trendy Abaya Qatar Pictures


This is a black abaya embellished with silver stones .We can see all the stone work is done around the neckline and on the sleeves and also on the slits of Abaya.


This Picture shows a variety of Abaya and different looks that can be pulled off .These Abaya are plain and have applique work done on them using net.


This is a plain black Abaya but this is stitched very differently as this has a jacket on top that is also plain black.