Brand New Abaya Shawl

images Brand New Abaya Shawl

As winters are approaching no need to worry ladies there is a good news for you we have new Abaya Shawls for you these can worn on all types of Abaya. These Shawls can be worn in many different styles and on different occasions such as weddings, parties and other events such as birthdays. These shawls are available in different styles and colors. Embellished and hand embroided shawls are also available. These shawls are the latest trend of 2016-17 as they make you look stylish and help you stay warm and cozy. As usually Abaya are black so shawls of any color can be paired with Jilbab. To achieve an exclusive look a plain Abaya paired with a printed hijab and embellished shawl is perfect for your night out. These shawls are available in different size and styles such as cape shawl, poncho shawl. Wrapping a hijab neatly is also very important in order to look beautiful and stylish. Broches can also be used to style the shawl on the abaya so that it does not move. Ladies hurry and grab your Abaya shawls now before they run out of stock good pieces are hard to find.

Beautiful New Abaya Shawls


This picture shows how a printed shawl is worn instead of a headscarf how loosely it is worn and gives the whole look a boost.

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This peach abaya is worn very modernly as it is paired with a crop jacket and the hijab is wrapped loosely. We can see how different shades of peach and purple are used to complete this look.


This picture shows a variety of shawls all of these have hand embroidery on them and can be easily worn over Abaya style or all sorts of dresses.