Bohemian Jewelry Designs in Gold

Bohemian Jewelry Designs in Gold: With the advent of the field of jewelry designing, many traditional and tribal designs have been modified in gold to create something different out of it and bohemian jewelry designs are one of them. Initially these designs were made out of brass or metal but since the bohemian designs are so unique and beautiful, that designers felt the urge to create similar designs in gold and gold plated jewelry. Choker necklaces, anklets, long pendants are all derived from the bohemian culture however one cannot just forget the fact that they also have few Mughal roots as well. Gold is the material used by the designers mainly to create jewelry for wedding or other sorts of formal purposes hence the bohemian designs that are available in Gold are mainly worn by Asian brides on their big day. Big choker necklaces look traditional and breathtaking with full heavy bridal dresses.


Bohemian Jewelry Designs In Gold Are A Must Have This Season

Gold or gold-plated jewelry, as long as it is traditional people would buy it. Tradition and culture is engraved in an individuals mind and therefore the type of ornaments they like and their preferences represent their outlook on various societies or the society they represent or belong to. Gold-Plated jewelry is made particularly for young girls who are not of age to wear gold jewelry therefore the designs vary.


Bohemian Jewelry And Its Link To The Mughal Era

Bohemian Jewelry design Gold
Aishwarys’s jewelry in Jodha Akbar represented the Mughal era yet one can say that the idea and concept of choker necklaces represent the Bohemian culture. The jewelry is made up of Gold and large red stones are used to compliment her look and it goes well with her red heavy dress.

Bohemian Jewelry Essentials

Bohemian Jewelry design Gold
Arrowhead necklaces were also common in the bohemian culture it highlighted the life of hunter-gatherers. Big flat stones were used to create these kind of long pendants.


Bohemian Jewelry design Gold

Summer season and the collection of summer jewelry is incomplete without anklets. Various chains are attached to one major chain and the main purpose was to cover the entire foot with chains made up of metal or steel.

Bohemian Jewelry design Gold

A very simple and elegant bohemian choker necklace. The designers can modify this design through their creativity by adding gold or gold plated balls instead of turquoise balls in between or gold chain can be used instead of a black thread.

Bohemian Jewelry design Gold

This image shows a spiritual gypsy pendant, which was common in bohemian society. It is made up white crystal, which is a natural stone. Designers can change this into gold easily by using gold chain and using gold for hamsa hand rather than silver.


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