Beautiful Bohemian Inspired Jewelry Designs Collection

Over the years many designers have taken inspiration from bohemian jewelry and have modified the basic of its designs according to the way they want. Designers mostly play with the material used or the color of the stones to create something, which suits their taste along with the tastes of their customers. Many bridal collections of 2016-2017 are inspired by the bohemian jewelry designs especially choker necklaces. Many young brides wear choker necklaces on their big day and many aspects of it are inspired by the bohemian culture.


Elegant Bohemian Inspired Jewelry

Many jewelry brands have come up with elegant bohemian inspired jewelry designs that can be worn on casual attires or other normal kind of clothing. Most of these designs can be stylized with semi formal clothes for semi formal functions like kitty parties, get together etc. Many leading brands like accessorize introduce its yearly collection that is inspired by the bohemian designs.

Bohemian inspired Jewelry Designs


This image shows a very modern take and modern variation that has been done bohemian jewelry design. A simple leather thread has been used to create a simple bow and it looks so elegant yet stylish at the same time. Women who don’t own any choker necklace can pair this type of bow with their casual attires.

Bohemian Inspired Jewelry

This image shows silver sterling jewelry and many of these designs are being used rigorously in bridal collections because they look traditional and manage to give a very ethnic and cultural look. However, every designer adds a little bit of variation and changes if they feel to do so.

Bohemian Inspired Jewelry

Such heavy and chunky necklaces look nice with drop shoulder shirts and ripped denim jeans. Many online stores like etsy are selling these designs online at very reasonable prices.

Bohemian Inspired Jewelry

A very beautiful mermaid crown inspired by the bohemian jewelry, many white stones are used to create this crown. It gives off a very royal look and many girls in the west can wear this on their big day.


Bohemian Inspired JewelryBohemian Inspired Jewelry


This image shows a velvet and charm multirow choker necklace. Such types of necklaces look gothic hence many girls wear it on a Halloween themed party. However, girls can wear it on their prom nights or simple boat neck shirts with denim jeans.

Bohemian Inspired Jewelry

Bohemian inspired rings are very trendy and they represent all essential symbols that were common in the Boho culture. Many of the rings symbolize arrow which represents the hunter life of the bohemian people. Stones are used to represent tha basic element of their jewelry making.

Bohemian Inspired Jewelry

Beaded strings were also common in bohemian societies and now many designers add their creativity to the very basic concept of a beaded string. The most popular design is that of a tussle with a beaded string and various kinds nd types of stones are added in between.

Bohemian Inspired Jewelry

Cuff bracelets with heavy stone reflect the tribal and ethnic jewelry designs. They are back in trend and look stylish and fashionable with western wear.

Bohemian Inspired Jewelry

Multi layer beaded necklace look alluring on jump suits with low-neck lines or V-neck lines. Many of these beaded jewelry designs can be created at home by young girls as they can take help from DIY tutorials.

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