The Best Bohemian Hippie Jewelry

bohemian hippie jewelry

Bohemian Hippie Jewelry is a mix of both bohemian and hippie cultures and society. It is an amalgamation of both communities. Bohemians were people who were socially unconventional and like-minded people and what is common between hippie and bohemian societies was that both communities rejected established social customs and hippie society strongly opposed the concepts of violence and war. Hippies were a member of liberal counterculture youth movement.

Earthy Bohemian Hippie Jewelry

Bohemian Hippie Jewelry is the fusion of both bohemian and hippie art and jewelry. Two societies mix and create a compound of different jewelry designs that are not only different and unique but have their own distinct position in the world of jewelry and art. Many upcoming designers take inspiration from such designs and such forms of jewelry to create an inspiration of their own. Bohemian hippie jewelry looks trendy mainly on western clothing since hippie art comes from the west as it originated mainly from the United Kingdom during the mid-1960.

Exquisite Bohemian Hippie Jewelry

bohemian hippie jewelryBohemian and hippie culture inspired tussle necklace, which looks quite cool and trendy. It looks chic and extremely fashionable with half pants and loose tops and shirts on top. Women can change the color of the stones and tussles according to their own personal preferences.

bohemian hippie jewelry

Earthy and funky multi colored bracelets were an essential part of both the societies hence the easiest ornament that any designer could come up with to represent bohemian and hippie society is to create a bracelet with stones and various threads.


bohemian hippie jewelrybohemian hippie jewelryA very fierce kind of hippie and bohemian jewelry, such necklaces are in trend this season and many people in the east would consider it as tribal whereas people in the west would easily classify it as hippie or bohemian jewelry. Such antique jewelry styles can be worn with kimonos along with a combination of plain light colored tank tops underneath.

bohemian hippie jewelry

Bohemian and hippie inspired tussle necklace, which would look cool on low neck shirts. Young girls can create their own version of such necklace as many girls are not fond of a burst of colors and hence prefer one color to dominate their jewelry or look hence they can create it the way they want. Many DIY tutorials are available online.

bohemian hippie jewelry

A very simple and easy to follow DIY tutorials to help women create their own bracelets themselves and this would be cheap as compared to the stuff that is available in the market.

bohemian hippie jewelry

A very beautiful and alluring bohemian and hippie fringe necklace looks chic and stunning on shoulder less dresses. Such chunky necklaces require breathing space as mentioned in other articles related to bohemian jewelry.

bohemian hippie jewelry

Many girls living in Asian Muslim countries are not fond of bangles hence they can create their own version of bracelets with the help of the DIY mentioned above. All they need to do is follow the steps and create bracelets according to the color they want. They can wear such bangles on festivals like Eid etc.


bohemian hippie jewelrybohemian hippie jewelry

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