Bohemian Chic Jewelry Collection 2016 2017

Chic is an element of fashion it adds style and class to various kinds and types of jewelry even to bohemian jewelry. Bohemian Chic jewelry would be the one that is being worn in today’s era. The latest jewelry collection of 2016-2017 can be considered as the bohemian chic jewelry. Various modifications are added to the basic bohemian designs and styles to make them stand out amongst other collections.

Amazing Bohemian Chic Jewelry Collection of 2016 2017

Amazing bohemian chic jewelry can add magic to any outfit whether it is a large choker or statement necklace or lightweight bracelets. The concept of complete look is incomplete without jewelry and hence many new inspirations have been used to create or modify existing designs of jewelry. Bohemian chic jewelry allows women to cover each and every aspect and part of their body, which makes them look different amongst their fellows.

Bohemian Chic Handmade Jewelry Designs

Bohemian Chic jewelry

Young girls can create chic bohemian jewelry at their homes using the material they already have or they can get it from duty free shops which will make their jewelry less expensive.


Choker Delicate Body Chain is a new fashion trend, which is inspired from the bohemian culture, but latest fashion modifications are added to it. Women can take help from online video tutorials to learn what kind of material is required to create such jewelry pieces by themselves. Body chains look nice and funky on plain shirts and are mostly worn by people living in the west or people who are inspired by the hippy culture.

Bohemian Chic jewelry

Young girls like to wear heavy chunky bracelets with colored stones in order to accessorize their clothes and to look elegant and stunning at the same time. They get various bracelets from jewelry shops that are very expensive and they might not be able to wear it with every piece of garment that hangs in their cupboard hence they can get all the required material and create their own version of bracelets according to the way they want and based on their own personal preferences. Colorful beads and stones are readily available in the markets and elephant teeth might be available in various antique shops. Its all about being creative and creating your own version of jewelry.

Bohemian Chic jewelry

Opal gemstone knotted necklace, which can easily be made by anyone. This necklace is very elegant and decent and it can be worn on round neck shirts or round neck short dresses. Such necklaces are very light in weight but since expensive stones are used they are usually expensive and might not be affordable hence girls can create such pieces on their own in very less expensive ways. For more bohemian necklace designs are jewelry items there are many other similar posts on bohemian jewelry.

Bohemian Chic jewelry

Bohemian Tassle Necklaces represent the field of textile jewelry as multi colored fine threads are used to create intricate and delicate bohemian jewelry pieces. They come in variety of colors. Women can also get custom made tassles in which different colors of threads are used to create one tassle so that t can be worn with any garment. Multi colored tassle often looks good on white shirts, which are paired up with blue jeans.


Chic Bohemian Jewelry Designs

The uniqueness of bohemian jewelry is that it makes styling a lot easier and anyone can use their aesthetic sense and can pair up jewelry pieces with various different kinds of attires either formal or casual. For instance wear a simple T-shirt with a pair of tight skinny jeans and choker necklace and you are good to go. Each bohemian jewelry piece adds a little bit of extra touch and spice in order to complete the perfect look followed by a perfect outfit. The following images show some of the very famous and modern chic bohemian jewelry designs.


At many instance women have to attend a formal event but they are short of clothes and hence in that case they can create a formal look by wearing this bohemian body piece on whatever casual or semi formal dresses or shirts they have in their wardrobes as fashion is all about mixing and matching various fashion trends to create one complete look.

Bohemian Chic jewelry

This image shows a bohemian tribal necklace with different colored tassles and beads. It looks quite cool and chic on plain white shirts or women can also pair up such necklaces with Anarkali frocks or angrakha style shirts. Black plain shirts would also look nice and you are good to go with such look.

Bohemian Chic jewelry

Bohemian inspired mathapati, which is used by the Indian as well as Pakistani culture. Many brides wear it on their wedding festivities to look different and stand out amonst all the guests. It looks quite trendy and modern. Many tribal cultures alos have mathapti as an essential jewelry piece, which is worn by every single woman in their tribe.  Often women wear such style statement to represent their tribal or cultural affiliations.


Long heavy pendants were a part of bohemian style statement and these days many jewelry designers are incorporating such designs in their bridal jewelry collections.

Bohemian Chic jewelry

Bohemian jewelry is incomplete without bohemian rings. They are large and interesting little dirty vintage pieces that women all across the globe adore and are crazy for. Heavy and huge rings are back in fashion and now they are accompanied by mid rings that were also a part of the bohemian culture and civilization. Such bohemian rings can be worn with casual attires only as they are quite hippie and funky. However, many designers have derived the basic designs of this culture and have manages to create formal pieces out of it.  Rings complete the overall look of girls and acts as a style statement. Such rings can be worn with funky nail polish like in the shades if yellow, orange, white etc.


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